“Pam & Tommy” Latte Art is praised by Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan posted a shot of latte art inspired by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s romance in Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” series.

Sebastian Stan took to social media to applaud some brilliant latte art inspired by his role as Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy Lee in the Hulu comedy “Pam & Tommy”. The limited series, which was inspired on Lee’s marriage to actress Pamela Anderson, was published on Hulu (Lily James). “Pam & Tommy” chronicles the couple’s tumultuous marriage, which includes the theft and unlawful dissemination of a private recording captured on their honeymoon. During the early days of the internet, the notorious tape became a sensation. After three years together, the A-list couple divorced due to the film’s release.

Stan shared a unique twist on an usual morning cup of coffee on Instagram. A latte with foam milk art representing Lee and Anderson kissing each other is shown in the shot. Stan tagged the creator of the artwork, @baristabrian, on his Instagram account. He also included the hashtag #deadlinecontenders, implying that the individual who created the latte art was present. Below is a picture of the “Pam & Tommy” latte:

It’s not uncommon for fans of famous television series and films to make artwork inspired by the media. The portrayal of a renowned Hollywood marriage on the little canvas of a latte, on the other hand, is extremely stunning. The couple’s passionate affection shows through even in a cup of coffee. Hulu has yet to announce whether or not future episodes of “Pam & Tommy” will be released. Stan’s shot of the latte art, on the other hand, honors the short series about one of Hollywood’s most tempestuous marriages.