BTS Video of Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s Unreal Makeup Process For “Pam & Tommy”

A look behind the scenes at “Pam & Tommy” reveals the incredible transformation of Lily James and Sebastian Stan for Hulu’s latest limited series about their relationship. The performers who played Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee underwent extensive hair, makeup, and prosthetic modifications to match their celebrity counterparts’ features from the late 1990s. Seth Rogen’s metamorphosis as Rand Gauthier, the unhappy construction worker who notoriously stole and began selling a private tape from Pamela and Tommy’s house, is also featured.

The eight-episode series has received appreciation for both its content and the dramatic physical transformations of the actors. From dental work to tattoo replication and more, Hulu’s behind-the-scenes movie explains all that went into creating “Pam & Tommy”. James claims that becoming Pamela took three to four hours every day, demonstrating the production team’s commitment to telling this contentious story as accurately as feasible.

David Williams, Barry Lee Moe, and Kameron Lennox are the designers behind “Pam & Tommy’s” remarkable visual aesthetics, according to Hulu’s digital YouTube series The Craft. The trio discusses their roles in each character’s evolution. While Rand Gauthier’s (Rogen) outfit and hair alterations were minimal, Stan and James required a few more significant adjustments, including breast prosthetics to give James the same figure as Pamela Anderson. Check out the video below:

“Pam & Tommy” has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, with each having their own sentiments about the biopic retelling of a subject that has already caused great harm. However, the Hulu series may have prompted other streaming services to take an interest in the story, as Netflix launched a Pamela Anderson documentary shortly after the series premiered. Although viewers have varied perspectives on the show, most believe that one thing Pam and Tommy got right was the incredible similarity James and Stan have with the characters, a big triumph for Hollywood’s design teams, who do not always receive the praise or press they deserve.