Galadriel Was Attacked By What Sea Monster In “The Rings Of Power”?

The second episode of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” had a fleeting sight of a mysterious sea monster. Galadriel’s main objective is to find Sauron, although it appears that for the time being, she is more focused on a totally different type of threat. She’ll need to figure out how to survive a run-in with a huge creature swimming in the Sundering Seas before facing Sauron.

Galadriel put herself in danger when she delayed traveling to Valinor in “The Rings of Power” episode 1. Her isolation in the ocean made her a target for a sea monster big enough to sink small ships. The monster, which a shipwreck survivor in episode 2 referred to as a “worm,” feasted on a group of people who had previously survived one of its attacks. Although episode 2 ended with the characters perhaps being saved, Galadriel and Halbrand were unharmed, suggesting that the sea monster may not be a species that is easily deterred from a possible meal.

The sea monster was only partially depicted in “The Rings of Power” episode 2, but it gave viewers enough of an idea of what the creature is like. It looks like a sea serpent because of its snake-like structure. Sea serpents are essentially the aquatic equivalent of dragons in most fantasy settings (including Middle-earth). They may easily capsize ships due to their size and strength. The Watcher in the Water from The Fellowship of the Ring is the only monster like it; no specific sea serpents have ever been addressed. It’s unclear whether it was a real sea snake or not because its identity was never made clear in the literature.

Why There Are Few Sea Creatures In The Lord of the Rings

The list of known sea animals in the novels is very small when compared to the extensive library of land-based monsters in Tolkien’s universe, even if the oceans and lakes are home to their fair number of monsters. Due to the settings chosen for the majority of Middle-earth literature, sea monsters are really rather uncommon in the original source material. Despite spending some time in the ocean, most of Tolkien’s experiences took place on dry land.

Even though it only lasts for a few episodes, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” offers a plot set in the Sundering Seas, giving the series the chance to develop the underwater aspect of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Since the events in the movies are based on literature, there haven’t been many opportunities to portray the creatures of the deep in real life. The Lord of the Rings television series is in a fantastic position to introduce a variety of Middle-earth monsters that weren’t included in the movies because it is based on an original plot.

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