At The Conclusion of “The Rings of Power” Episode 2, Who Does Galadriel See?

Whose ship does it belong to when it appears in the second episode of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” to rescue Galadriel and Halbrand? When their paths intersect in Amazon’s “The Rings of Power,” Charlie Vickers’ Halbrand and Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel aren’t exactly having a good time. Halbrand recounts that orcs drove him from his home before a monstrous sea wyrm attacked his boat, whereas Galadriel recently turned down the serene majesty of Valinor in favor of carrying out her vengeance mission against Sauron.

These two odd friends experience much more bad luck as a powerful thunderstorm batters their miserable raft. Halbrand saves Galadriel from the liquid before they both pass out together. “The Rings of Power” episode 2 ends without disclosing who Galadriel and Halbrand’s sun-drenched rescuers are, but there are enough hints left to make a reliable guess. The elf fighter briefly opens her eyes to see a ship hovering over her before falling unconscious once more.

The ship is probably from Numenor. Numenor is a kingdom of men on an island in the Sundering Seas between Middle-earth and Valinor. Nmenorean ships would frequently go to and from Middle-earth, and they were known for their glorious society and naval achievements. The enormous boat with its billowing sails and silhouette clothed in a flowing, regal robe all evoke memories of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Numenor, which is supported by geography as well. Another important hint is the rescue ship’s location behind the blinding sun, as the Numenoreans from “The Rings of Power” have made the sun their primary symbol. It’s much harder to identify the shadowy figure standing on Galadriel’s deck, but if it’s a named character from “The Rings of Power,” the long robes might suggest either Pharazon (Trystan Gravelle) or Elendil (Lloyd Owen).

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Pre-Sauron Numenor is where “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is set, therefore this is when the island is at its happiest. That’s fantastic news for Galadriel since the men of the island and the elves of Middle-earth were once thought of as comrades. According to the trailers for Amazon’s “The Rings of Power,” Galadriel will approach Numenor for help in finding Sauron rather than asking High King Gil-Galad for assistance. The Queen Regent of N’menor, Miriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), is shown in promotional footage speaking earnestly with Galadriel, who is also seen leading a N’menorean cavalry into battle. Audiences can probably infer that Galadriel finds these new mortal friends to be much more willing to support her than their fellow elves.

Halbrand probably won’t get as kind of a welcome. Charlie Vickers’ dark character appears to be from a place similar to Bronwyn’s town of Tirharad, reviled because their family fought on Morgoth’s side during the War of Wrath, however, there is still some uncertainty surrounding his past. Since the Valar blessed the Numenoreans as payment for their efforts in the struggle against Morgoth, it is unlikely that they will extend a red carpet to someone of Halbrand’s ancestry. That is if Galadriel’s sailing companion hasn’t lied to her. The rough stranger from “The Rings of Power” might be a Nmenorean deserter or be guilty of crimes much worse than having a long-gone ancestor who sided with the wrong side. Galadriel might have to assume responsibility for Halbrand’s continuing freedom in either case.

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