A Big Sauron Theory Could Be Disproven by the “Rings of Power” Trailer

In “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” is Halbrand, played by Charlie Vickers, really Sauron? The final trailer’s footage says otherwise. “The Rings of Power” are plagued by Sauron’s presence like an unpleasant odor. The Dark Lord is mentioned by everyone, from Galadriel to the unsettling elderly man in trailer 2, but his existence is frustratingly hidden. That could be because Sauron still had the ability to change forms during the time period covered by “The Rings of Power,” which is known as the Second Age in J.R.R. It stands to reason that Sauron could, in principle, be lurking in plain sight when “The Rings of Power” opens because one of his favorite tricks involved taking the guise of a pretty elf-like being called Annatar and deceiving the trusting populace of Middle-earth.

According to a well-known theory, Halbrand, played by Charlie Vickers, is really Sauron in disguise. Halbrand, an original character for “The Rings of Power,” is characterized as a man fleeing a troubled past. He befriends Galadriel after meeting her at sea, although some Lord of the Rings theorists believe Sauron actually assumed this fair human appearance and purposely “ran into” Galadriel in order to get closer to the elves. Halbrand might be a pre-Annatar guise Sauron adopts before he is prepared to carry out his significant plans.

Halbrand being Sauron is a theory that is highly improbable in light of Amazon’s final trailer for “The Rings of Power.” Halbrand says to an unidentified figure in the most recent trailer: “I am not the hero you seek.” Previous trailers from Charlie Vickers’ mysterious character had very little dialogue, which added to the Sauron rumors. The following scene has Galadriel promising her dashing partner, “Whatever you did, be free of it.” If Halbrand were indeed Sauron, he would undoubtedly be attempting to persuade Galadriel that he is the hero she is looking for. However, it’s possible that the Dark Lord is attempting an ambitious double-bluff here. The “Lord of Gifts,” Annatar, controlled the elves by gratifying their most ardent cravings. Halbrand exudes regret and apprehension, as if he would fully comprehend if Galadriel requested him to leave. Halbrand is presumably just a man trying to escape a bad past—a horrible history that doesn’t involve serving the fallen vala Morgoth—unless Sauron has been reading up on reverse psychology.

Final Trailer For “The Rings Of Power” Supports A More Reliable Sauron Theory

Prior to the release of “The Rings of Power,” another Sauron theory was gaining popularity and was focused on the mysterious “Meteor Man.” The beginning of Amazon’s Middle-earth story appears to be when a stranger (played by Daniel Weyman) falls from the sky in a ball of flame, according to several trailers. Since their true identity is still a closely-kept secret, speculation that the Meteor Man is actually Sauron returning from his banishment in the First Age has naturally arisen.

The recently-fallen heavenly wanderer is depicted surrounded by warg-like monsters in the final trailer for “The Rings of Power.” The fascinating thing about this situation is that these wargs are attracted to him, even though he seems to be fighting them rather than leading them. The Isle of Werewolves served as Sauron’s headquarters during the First Age according to J.R.R. Tolkien, and the frenzied hounds were among his most notable minions. The remaining werewolves of Sauron may have evolved into wargs by the time “The Rings of Power” starts. When their former master descends onto Middle-earth from the heavens, it’s possible that these wolves are pulled to him without fully understanding why. Or perhaps they simply crave fresh meat.

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