Latest News About “Y: The Last Man”

Everyone is still waiting for new information about an upcoming adaptation of “Y: The Last Man” because of the midst of a global pandemic. The post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller will be the perfect new TV Show for you to watch right now.

Hulu exclusive series follows the story of a young man called Yorick Brown and his Capuchin monkey named Ampersand, who has become the last survivors of a plague that has eradicated all male creatures on Earth except Yorick. 

The idea of the Y: The Last Man TV Series was inspired by the award-winning comic book series published by DC Comics. Maybe we will be able to see the show sometime this year.

Here you can see all the cast members:

  • Ben Schnetzer (for a role as Yorick)
  • Olivia Thirlby (for a role as Hero)
  • Ashley Romans (for a role as Agent 355)
  • Katie (famous for playing Marcel on Friends) – for a role as Ampersand, Yorick’s Capuchin companion

The TV Show began filming in October 2020, but there is still no new information on when the show will premiere on Hulu’s exclusive FX line-up. We hope that everything will go as planned and we will be able to stream the series in 2021.

Stay tuned for the latest information regarding “Y: The Last Man”!