In a Mystery Role, a Good Omens Actor Joins The Sandman

Lourdes Faberes, who starred in the film Good Omens, has joined the cast of Neil Gaiman’s upcoming television version of The Sandman in a mystery role.

In response to a tweet from Faberes, Gaiman was the first to announce the actress’s involvement in the tv show. Before Gaiman chimed in, she was discussing the coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations that made filming her current movie possible.

Gaiman writes, “I think we can allow people to know that you’re in Sandman by now, Lourdes. (And wonderful you are.) Yes, the Sandman Covid protocols have been astonishing. And followed.” Faberes responded with her own article, writing, “Yes, indeed. I’m in the world of The Sandman. This show has a place in my heart that is unfathomable. You will too, my god.”

Fans of Gaiman’s writing may recall that Faberes appeared in Season 1 of Good Omens as Pollution, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While it’s unknown who the actress will play in the series, writer/producer David S. Goyer recently discussed why Sandman author Neil Gaiman was so crucial to include her in the adaptation.

In July, Goyer stated, “It sounds apparent, but Neil was never a producer on any of the previous Sandman [efforts].” “Because it is so personal, it was crucial. We wanted to keep it unusual, and Netflix, bless their hearts, is odd, funky, and bizarre. If you’re a fan of the comics, I believe it’s a very realistic representation.”