You Can Visit Westeros’ Greatest Ever King in “House of the Dragon”

The greatest Targaryen king Westeros has ever known will appear in HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” according to the Great Council’s approval. A flashback to the Great Council of 101 AC, which brought together the various houses of Westeros to choose the heir to the Iron Throne, will be included in “House of the Dragon,” it has been confirmed. The events at the Great Council at Harrenhal will have a significant impact on the civil war within the “House of the Dragon,” even though they are most likely only briefly depicted to contextualize when young Viserys I Targaryen, whose death begins the Dance of the Dragons, was chosen to be Westeros’ next king.

House of the Dragon was inspired by the Targaryan family history book Fire & Blood, which records much more despised kings than it does adored monarchs. The same is true of Game of Thrones, which had a variety of kings and queens overseeing Westeros but not necessarily any outstanding monarchs seated on the Iron Throne. While the inhabitants of Westeros may have varied degrees of love or hate for the prominently depicted Targaryen rulers and queens in “House of the Dragon,” none of them can compare to the greatest king Westeros has ever known: Jaehaerys I Targaryen.

King Jaehaerys I’s death kicks off the prequel’s plot, whereas “House of the Dragon’s” death of King Viserys would split the kingdom in half as houses back his daughter’s claims Rhaenyra or son Aegon II. The Great Council of 101 AC will be held at the “House of the Dragon” two years before Jaehaerys passes away from old age, with Viserys I being chosen as his successor by the attendees. Jaehaerys, who took the throne at just 14, was referred to as a Targaryen destined to rule. The dragonrider Jaehaerys was a smart, merciful, self-assured, and charming king who reigned on the terrifying Iron Throne for 55 years, the longest reign of any Targaryen. Jaehaerys I was a king who valued justice and peace, cared deeply for his subjects, and delivered remarkable stability to the kingdom during his rule. Although Jaehaerys was not a perfect king, he was unquestionably the best one to hold the Iron Throne. The audience will finally see the monarch who oversaw the most affluent era in Westerosi history, even though the old Jaehaerys Targaryen will probably only make a brief appearance at the Great Council flashback in “House of the Dragon.”

Bran Becoming King Should Have Looked Like Jaehaerys’ Great Council

“House of the Dragon” starts with a Great Council, whereas Game of Thrones ends with one choosing the king. When selecting King Jaehaerys’ successor, the “House of the Dragon’s” Great Council, which includes houses from all throughout the realm, is much more meticulous. Jaehaerys’ council saw nearly a thousand lords of various levels attend to vote on no less than 14 claimants to the Iron Throne, in contrast to Bran Stark’s election as king, which was decided by Tyrion declaring that he had the “greatest story” and the other 16 contestants concurring. The selection of Jaehaerys’ successor was placed in front of a much larger and (relatively) inclusive audience at Harrenhal over the course of several weeks than Bran’s election.

Bran becoming king of Westeros was more of a necessity due to the dearth of viable options than the best option for the populace, in contrast to how Jaehaerys’ succession was decided. His two sisters, uncle, cousin, and others with very deep ties to his family members cast their votes for Bran to become king. It should have been decided in a really “great” council, as decided by houses from around the realm, if he was the preferred monarch for Westeros. Jaehaerys’ Great Council was one of the most significant events in Westerosi history, demonstrating the potential of the realm’s elective political system and putting Bran’s Game of Thrones council to shame with its portrayal in “House of the Dragon.”

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