Why Ser Criston Cole Won The Tournament Despite Daemon Targaryen’s Best Efforts

Ser Criston Cole surprised everyone by defeating Daemon Targaryen in a joust during the HBO series premiere of “House of the Dragon.” The episode is set during King Viserys I Targaryen’s reign, approximately 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, when he is organizing a jousting competition. The joyous tournament is held in honor of the impending birth of the King and Queen’s child, who will, if a boy, succeed to the Iron Throne.

The rapid introduction of Daemon Targaryen, Viserys’ brother, reveals his cunning, mischievous, and fighting prowess. So it looks like a foregone conclusion for the Targaryen when he prepares to joust the lowborn Dornish Ser Criston Cole at the tournament. Daemon and the foreigner fight after the latter knocks Daemon off his horse. Cole is brandishing a mace while Daemon draws his sword. Although it initially appears that Daemon has won, Cole surprises him by attacking him from behind and compelling him to give up as he turns to celebrate.

That a lowborn unknown might vanquish a highborn Targaryen is astonishing. One of the most important questions from the House of the Dragon premiere is this one. However, according to George R.R. Martin’s books, Ser Cole is a very accomplished combatant who finally earns the titles of Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and sworn shield of Princess Rhaenyra. Furthermore, Daemon Targaryen’s ego stands in the way of victory. Daemon’s somewhat narcissistic and self-assured nature is made clear in the first episode, which leads to his bragging to the masses too quickly and ultimately costing him.

vSer Criston Cole, a warrior, is superior to Daemon Targaryen, is he not?

Ser Criston Cole of the “House of the Dragon” is still largely unknown. In the books, he became the aforementioned Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and became rather brutal and spiteful. It is evident that Ser Cole is a skilled swordsman and is adept in combat. Viewers will have to wait and see how Ser Cole’s character and the developing rivalry between him and Daemon Targaryen will differ from the book “House of the Dragon.” However, his fight with Prince Daemon Targaryen left quite an impression at first. Ser Criston Cole and Daemon Targaryen are both excellent fighters, but Ser Cole’s victory in the competition has intriguing ramifications for the show’s future. The Targaryen prince and Ser Cole may develop a rivalry, which leaves viewers wondering where Ser Cole came from. It’s obvious that Ser Cole is unpolished because he is lowborn. Daemon Targaryen has profited from Ser Cole’s noble training even if it may yet be discovered that Ser Cole is the superior natural fighter of the two.

Why It’s Important That Criston Cole Beats Daemon Targaryen

The main reason why Criston Cole defeating Daemon is significant is because it reveals more about each fighter’s personality. Cole’s decision to let Daemon live, a luxury denied to a warrior in a previous episode, demonstrates his skill as a fighter while also demonstrating his mercy. A prospective friendship or more serious relationship with Princess Rhaenyra also appears to be set up for him throughout the episode. His power and mercifulness immediately endear him to the audience as well as the other characters in the show.

Despite Daemon’s evident power, battle expertise, and savagery, which are all made abundantly plain in the pilot episode, this encounter highlights a significant fault in his character, his pride. His early rejoicing that ends in defeat is similar to the Dornish Prince Oberyn’s demise in season four of Game of Thrones. The tournament will probably serve as a focal point as the series investigates the Targaryen prince’s place in it and how his ego affects him. Daemon also appears to be positioned as one of the key romantic interests in the program with Princess Rhaenyra, despite the fact that he is her uncle. This kind of relationship is not unheard of in the world of Game of Thrones, despite the fact that it is unusual. With the publication of the remaining episodes from “House of the Dragon’s” first season, viewers can anticipate having their inquiries answered.

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