Plans for Season 2 and Beyond of “House of the Dragon” Have Been Teased

Ryan Condal, the showrunner for “House of the Dragon,” recently hinted at plans for season 2 and the show’s potential future. The new series, which is an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s well-known fantasy book Fire & Blood, focuses on the background of the House Targaryen. The drama leading up to the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war among the silver-haired dragon-riding family, will be the main emphasis of the program, which is set 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

The first season of House of the Dragon will consist of 10 episodes and span almost 30 years of Westerosi history. The showrunners have toyed with the concept of an anthology framework to explore various facets of the Targaryen dynasty because there is so much material to draw from. Condal recently disclosed that he and his co-showrunner and director, Miguel Sapochnik, already know how “House of the Dragon” will conclude despite the show’s length.

Condal recently suggested intentions for the eventual future of “House of the Dragon” in an interview with Collider. The showrunner outlined its current strategy for seasons 2 and beyond. Whether or whether it appears in “House of the Dragon,” Condal claims that there are “300 years of Targaryen history to examine” that are ripe for storytelling chances. Read the showrunner’s comments below:

“I think we have a fairly good plan laid out. Plans like that always have to be fairly broad, yet you have an idea of landmarks, and places that you want to go, and a sense of an end point, which I think is really important, particularly with this story. There’s 170 years of history in front of us, so you have to figure out, at what point do you do lower the curtain on this particular story? We’ve always had a good sense of that. I think we have a good plan for Season 2, if HBO is willing and eager to continue telling the story with us. There is really 300 years of Targaryen history to explore, and there are many stories within there that are really fascinating. There’s the story of the conquest, the story before the conquest, the Targaryens leaving Old Valyria. You have a tale like this, where the Targaryens have dragons and are in power. And then, there are also stories where the Targaryens no longer have dragons, but are still in power. What changes there, and how is that different? It’s a very rich tapestry. It’s a rich landscape. I think the fan base is willing and eager. There’s a lot of storytelling left in this world, if people want it.”

Condal is aware that there is a plethora of material from which to draw for the show’s future. The extensive history of the Targaryen family is covered in two volumes, the first of which is just called Fire & Blood. Martin has previously said that although The Dance of the Dragons only made up a small fraction of the book, the series will mostly center on that fight. Both before and after the Targaryen civil war, Condal seems to see the boundless possibilities in Martin’s extensive source material.

In contrast to Game of Thrones, Martin has completed and released the entire story of “House of the Dragon.” Whereas Martin’s incomplete works forced the Game of Thrones writers to fill in the gaps, Condal has clear-cut answers and information about the story he intends to tell. Fire & Blood presents a more organized and defined course, with much of the outrage surrounding the last season of Game of Thrones based on unresolved plots and a hurried finale. The series will focus on the Dance of the Dragons in the future, but there is a chance it might also discuss the many Targaryen eras over the course of history. The show “House of the Dragon” is shaping up to be a fitting successor to Game of Thrones given the great feedback it has received thus far from both reviewers and viewers.

New “House Of The Dragon” Image: Matt Smith In Full Targaryen Armor