How to Explain the Ending of “House of the Dragon,” Season 1, Episode 2

In the final scene of “House of the Dragon” season 1, episode 2, marriage and war are generating problems for King Viserys, further dividing the Targaryens. The internal conflicts within House Targaryen are still being set up in “House of the Dragon” episode 2, which weakens the dragonriding family. The foundations for the upcoming Dance of the Dragons are being laid as Daemon intensifies his rivalry with Otto Hightower, King Viserys once more rejects the Velaryons, and Rhaenyra learns who her father will wed.

Six months after the passing of Queen Aemma, King Viserys I Targaryen receives advice to find a new wife in House of the Dragon episode 2. Viserys rejects the marriage proposal from Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen since Laena is just 12 years old. In the meantime, Rhaenyra Targaryen is still mourning her mother and is concerned about taking her father’s position as heir when he remarries. Rhaenys has also forewarned Rhaenyra that if her father has a male offspring, the men of the realm won’t allow her to sit on the Iron Throne. Prince Daemon, who has been claiming Dragonstone for himself throughout, tries to steal a dragon’s egg, but Rhaenyra arrives to put an end to her uncle’s menial efforts, which enrages Lord Otto Hightower because it shows that the 15-year-old princess’ techniques are superior to his.

By the end of the first season premiere of “House of the Dragon,” King Viserys has decided to wed young Alicent Hightower. As a result of this choice, a furious Rhaenyra storms out of the council, and Corlys Velaryon, who was rejected, departs for Driftmark and establishes an alliance with Daemon. Rhaenyra is growing more isolated in King’s Landing as Daemon and Corlys prepare to wage war against the Crab Feeder, and “House of the Dragon” season 1, episode 2 foreshadows significant confrontations in the subsequent episode.

Reasons for King Viserys’ marriage to Alicent Hightower

King Viserys resolves to wed Alicent Hightower, the closest friend of Rhaenyra, against the advice of his small council (with Otto as the exception). For the six months following the death of Queen Aemma Arryn, Alicent was secretly sent to King Viserys’ room at the encouragement of the Hand of the King, with sessions like these being kept especially hidden from Rhaenyra. It was evident from these passages in “House of the Dragon” episode 2 that Viserys and Alicent got along well, with Viserys particularly appreciating her company and generosity.

Viserys seemed to have feelings for Alicent beyond basic friendliness after she went above and beyond to mend one of his broken dragon models. Alicent was the obvious choice for the king among those who were suggested because she was of a more suitable marriageable age than Laena, could bear numerous children, understood the significance of the realm’s histories, was the daughter of the Hand, and was easy to get along with.

Reasons Behind Rhaenyra’s Dismay Over Viserys & Alicent’s Marriage

Rhaenyra Targaryen, a young woman from “House of the Dragon,” is terribly hurt by the news that her father would wed again just six months after losing her mother. She also feels betrayed by the fact that his new spouse will be her best friend. When Rhaenyra confided in Alicent her worries that Viserys’ upcoming marriage would result in children who would challenge her authority as Princess of Dragonstone, Alicent reassured her that Viserys loved her and that she need not worry. Alicent omitted to mention that Viserys had been meeting with her in secret for months at her father’s request in order to set her up as a potential match for the king. It seemed treacherous that Alicent had been hiding her meetings and Otto’s plan for her to marry King Viserys all along, whether on orders from her father or not, as Rhaenyra admitted to her insecurities about her father being distant and fearing a replacement of her mother in “House of the Dragon” episode 2.

Rhaenyra would probably never have loved her father’s new wife, but the fact that she is her best friend and closest confidante makes it much worse. The offspring of Alicent’s best friend will be the ones who endanger Rhaenyra’s position as Viserys’s successor to the Iron Throne because Alicent will be expected to bear Viserys more children. In “House of the Dragon” episode 3, Rhaenyra’s anger is likely to persist because she believes Alicent has been lying to her. She may also believe that Alicent wasn’t sincere when she expressed sympathy for Rhaenyra’s suffering if she had been planning to marry Viserys the entire time. Even though Alicent was constrained to do this at her father’s urging, the independent Rhaenyra would still have resentment at both her father for wedlocking her best friend and Alicent for wedlocking Viserys in “House of the Dragon.”

Plan of Daemon and Corlys: What the “House of the Dragon” Configures

The conclusion of “House of the Dragon” season 1, episode 2 shows Lord Corlys Velaryon seeking for more glory and power for his family elsewhere after Viserys announces that he will wed Alicent rather than Laena Velaryon. Viserys didn’t just treat the Velaryons unfairly in episode 2 by having his marriage proposal turned down; he also disregarded Corlys’ counsel to take action against the Triarchy in the Stepstones. Daemon Targaryen has been enlisted by Corlys to fight with him in his war against the threatening forces in the Stepstones that threaten the commerce channels.

Daemon is persuaded to join Corlys after he describes him as a “second son” of the realm—a guy whose influence in the world is something that must be earned independently. Daemon accepts Corlys’ offer in the “House of the Dragon” episode 2 conclusion after giving up control of Dragonstone and realizing Viserys will never reconsider designating him as the heir to the dangerous Iron Throne in the hopes that it will provide a path to respect and glory away from the Iron Throne. The conflict in the Stepstones has left House Velaryon’s money and influence, which Corlys has already attained, extremely insecure. As a result, Corlys will take matters into his own hands.

The two men form a strong alliance in “House of the Dragon” season 1, episode 2, which unites the houses of Old Valyria—although not in the way Corlys had initially intended. When combined with Corlys Velaryon’s skillful seafaring, vast fleet, and money, Daemon’s command of the Gold Cloaks, proximity to the Iron Throne as a Targaryen, and his dragon Caraxes make them a nearly invincible force against the Triarchy and their leader, the Crab Feeder. In order to weaken the shipping routes and the realm as a whole, the Free Cities have united in the Stepstones, and Daemon and Corlys’ plan calls for them to assemble their armies and resources from Driftmark.

The Crab Feeder: Who Is He? Explained: “House Of The Dragon,” Episode 2’s Final Villain

At the conclusion of episode 2, the first true antagonist of the Game of Thrones prequel series is introduced. The Crab Feeder is finally revealed in episode 2’s climax when he feeds the corpses of Westerosi sailors to crabs, albeit he was originally alluded to in “House of the Dragon’s” premiere as Corlys expressed his worries about the problems in the Stepstones. The antagonist, Craghas Drahar, refers to himself as the Prince Admiral of the Triarchy while concealing strange burns on his body and wearing a mask over his face. The wealth of Corlys Velaryon suffers as a result of him commanding the Triarchy’s fleets and his determination to take the Stepstones. The Rogue Prince and the Sea Snake are likely to destroy the Crab Feeder before the midway time jump in “House of the Dragon” season 1 even though it will be a major enemy for Daemon Targaryen.

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