How the “House of the Dragon” Cast Overcame a Significant Age Gap

Emily Carey, who plays Paddy Considine in “House of the Dragon,” discusses how they became close on set despite having a significant age difference. After the contentious Game of Thrones finale in 2019, Westeros is once again the focus of a spinoff series called “House of the Dragon.” The most recent HBO fantasy series, which is likewise based on George R. R. Martin’s books, covers the Targaryen Civil War’s events, which took place around 200 years before Game of Thrones. The launch of HBO’s House of the Dragon attracted the most viewers of any other series so far, pleasing both viewers and reviewers.

The first two episodes of “House of the Dragon’s” 10-episode season have introduced many of the major characters, including Steve Toussaint’s Lord Corlys Valerion, Alicent Hightower played by Carey, Princess Rhaenyra played by Milly Alcock, Daemon played by Matt Smith, and King Viserys, played by Considine. The death of Viserys’ wife, Aemma (Sian Brooke), during childbirth, and his subsequent need for a new wife to establish a line of succession were both depicted in the first episode, which established the show’s violent tone. The second episode of “House of the Dragon” delves more into this topic and concludes with the shocking news that Viserys has selected Alicent, a 14-year-old, to be his new wife.

Carey, who was 17 when she originally began the series and is now 19 years old, discusses her early concerns about depicting a romance between a young girl and a middle-aged man in a recent interview with EW for their West of Westeros podcast. The actor claims, however, that the producers of the event made her feel very at ease and that she and Considine, 48, became good friends because of their mutual interest in Ru Paul’s Drag Race. See Carey’s entire statement down below:

Paddy is a massive Drag Race fan, and so am I. So I’d come into set and be like, ‘Hey, Paddy, did you watch the new episode of All Stars?’ He’d be like, ‘Oh my God, yes! Let’s talk about it.’ And so that’s how we’d start every morning.

Fans of “House of the Dragon” may find it unsettling to watch a romance between an adult man and a teenager, so it’s understandable why Carey could have been originally hesitant to portray the situation on screen. Despite this, her reply suggests that she felt comfortable during production and that the warm working environment was a result of her off-screen friendship with Considine. The original Game of Thrones season extensively featured an incestuous affair between a brother and sister, thus this new, unsuitable relationship is hardly out of the ordinary in the Game of Thrones universe.

Viserys and Alicent’s marriage is yet to be seen in action, but it is certain to have repercussions that will be seen in upcoming “House of the Dragon” episodes. Rhaenyra is clearly upset with the news, but Lord Corlys also anticipated Viserys to wed his daughter to bolster his family’s claim to the throne. Fans of “House of the Dragon” can rest easy knowing that Considine and Carey appear to have gotten along well off-screen, even though it’s unknown what effects Viserys and Alicent’s marriage will have in the coming weeks.

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