Game of Thrones-Themed Spinoff Angers “House of the Dragon” Fans

By adopting the same, yet renowned Game of Thrones theme song for its opening titles sequence, “House of the Dragon” has angered fans. The prequel series, which chronicles the Targaryen family 200 years before Game of Thrones’ events, had its HBO debut on August 21. Initially, many were upset that there was no opening credits sequence at all. The House of the Dragon episode 2 title sequence will have a title sequence, as revealed by the showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, who subsequently noted that this was a creative decision made to give more time for plot development.

Fans were eager to see what “House of the Dragon” will offer after Game of Thrones had an iconic opening credits sequence and theme tune. Blood flows through a model of Valyria and covers several castles in the new sequence, which features images that are similar to the Game of Thrones intro but have been modified because the prequel is focused on House Targaryen. However, Ramin Djawadi’s Game of Thrones theme is recycled without any changes in the opening title sequence of “House of the Dragon,” not even bothering to utilize a new tune.

Fans responded to the prequel’s usage of the Game of Thrones theme on social media shortly after “House of the Dragon” episode 2 aired. Many viewers were dissatisfied that Djawadi didn’t create a unique theme for the program and chose to ridicule “House of the Dragon” as a result of the dubious choice. However, the repeated theme did succeed in bringing back memories of Game of Thrones for a few people. See a few of the responses below:

Many fans are understandably angry at “House of the Dragon” for using the Game of Thrones theme again based on the responses mentioned above. To demonstrate the insanity of a spinoff having the same theme as its parent program, author Dave Itzkoff uses the examples of Cheers and Frasier. Though another more current and recent example would be Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, which, despite their interconnection, are two different series and so have entirely different themes, sitcom themes are a bit different in that they generally incorporate lyrics mentioning the show.

In the same way that the opening sequence’s visuals have been altered, “House of the Dragon” loses out on the chance to have an equally memorable theme that is more appropriate for the prequel. “House of the Dragon” may have achieved better success by substituting one of Djawadi’s Targaryen themes from Game of Thrones for the primary theme. This would have achieved the goal of making the prequel show feel different and separate while also making “House of the Dragon” feel more like Game of Thrones, which seems to have been their intention with reusing its concept.

New “House Of The Dragon” Image: Matt Smith In Full Targaryen Armor