Future seasons of “House of the Dragon” May Focus On Other Game of Thrones Eras

After season 1, the Targaryen dynasty may be explored in greater depth, according to showrunner Miguel Sapochnik. Game of Thrones debuted on HBO in 2011 and is based on the epic book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. The children of the Mad King, Aerys II, who was ousted by Robert Baratheon with a little assistance from Ned Stark, Daenerys, and her brother Viserys served as the first representatives of the dragon-riding Targaryen line to audiences.

Following Dany’s transformation into the Mad Queen and eventual demise in the Game of Thrones 2019 season finale, HBO Max has many more Westeros in store. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms adaptation (Tales of Dunk and Egg), a spin-off centered on the nine voyages of the Sea Snake, Flea Bottom, and this year’s House of the Dragon—which is loosely based on Martin’s Fire and Blood, detailing the Targaryens’ history—are just a few of the live-action (not to mention animated) spin-offs currently in development. The show’s first season, which will have ten episodes, will take place 200 years before Game of Thrones and will follow the family through a civil war known as the “Dance of Dragons.”

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Sapochnik spoke with EW about “House of the Dragon’s” plans after the Dance of Dragons. When asked whether Martin’s Fire and Blood could help the series adopt an anthology structure, the co-showrunner/writer responded, “Absolutely. Below is the whole quote:

“Absolutely. I think that’s one of the interesting things about the Targaryens. We’ve chosen a story that’s almost like Star Wars: Episode IV. It’s the New Hope. We can go backwards, we can go forwards. There’s a lot of opportunities there. I hope we’ve been given the opportunity to set up something.”

The Targaryen dynasty is covered in Fire and Blood, from Aegon I’s conquest of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms to Aegon III’s rule. If the Dance of Dragons storyline in Season 1 of “House of the Dragon” is concluded, later seasons might move around in time, focusing on specific characters while allowing in-demand stars like Matt Smith to return. This strategy might prove to be a welcome change from Game of Thrones linear model, expanding “House of the Dragon” and making it more deserving of its moniker. The series would transform into the Targaryen family’s credo, concluding with Dany and Jon, rather than just being a narrative about the family at a particular time. Additionally, it would disprove any stakes comparisons to the flagship series.

Season 2 of “House of the Dragon” is likely, but HBO has not formally renewed the show. Uncertainty surrounds Sapochnik and company’s plans for a sophomore campaign. His Star Wars parallel makes it sound like the show might pick up where the first season left off, go forward in time, or do both. The first season of “House of the Dragon” will be a yardstick for the franchise’s future following the contentious last season of Game of Thrones and several canceled or rejected spinoffs. When “House of the Dragon” airs on HBO for the first time on August 21st, the audience ultimately decides what it becomes.