When Will The “Halo” TV Series Premiere? Timeline Is Teased In a New Trailer

A new teaser for Paramount+’s planned “Halo” series has just been revealed, and it contains some strong hints regarding the time period in which it takes place. According to executive producer Steven Spielberg, the streaming series will take place in a different timeline and universe than the video games and novels on which it is based. However, it appears that the series’ events will function as a type of prologue to the first “Halo” game, depicting the struggle between humans and the alien Covenant prior to the discovery of Halo.

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is aboard the United Nations Space Command ship Pillar of Autumn in the first game (Halo: Combat Evolved), which has uncovered the existence of a huge planet-sized ring in space (later becoming known as Halo). Covenant, humanity’s mortal alien adversaries, have also come, attempting to take control of “Halo” for themselves. Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana (who will be played by Jen Taylor in Halo) will eventually discover that “Halo” is a superweapon capable of wiping out all sentient life within 25,000 lightyears. The planned “Halo” TV show, however, appears to take place before Halo is discovered by either side in the galactic conflict.

Master Chief will find an artifact at a Covenant excavation site belonging to the Forerunners, the ancient designers of the “Halo” rings, according to the latest Halo teaser. The UNSC will learn about Halo and its actual nature before even setting foot on the planet’s surface, according to the clip. The trailer’s final line of dialogue demonstrates this: “Find the Halo, win the battle.” As a result, it appears that the first season will be a race between mankind and the Covenant to locate and control Halo in order to win.

While it’s previously been stated that the series would follow its own path with its own Halo narrative known as the Silver Timeline, the new video suggests that the series will take place before the events in the games, regardless of how much or how little the Paramount series adapts as it goes. For example, it’s been implied that the UNSC would learn something about “Halo’s” real capabilities before Master Chief explores the ring. Even just that is a departure from the main timeframe defined by the games and literature.

At the very least, viewers now know that the action will start before either side finds the first “Halo” ring. While there may be some changes as the series attempts to streamline the games’ narratives (along with any additions/omissions that may arise in the process), it appears like the essential aspects that make the “Halo” franchise so great will remain. Master Chief remains humanity’s most powerful weapon and best hope for conquering the Covenant, and the new “Halo” series appears to be delivering on that idea in some fairly interesting ways.