Master Chief’s Most Powerful Weapon is Teased in the “Halo” TV Show

Following a huge attack by Covenant alien forces, Master Chief and his fellow Spartans prepare for their next battle in “Halo” episode 6, which teases one of the game’s most deadly weapons. While many of the Covenant’s weapons are based on energy and plasma, the UNSC does have a few sophisticated technology weapons of its own, including one that is especially utilized by Spartan soldiers. The Spartan Laser may appear in future action sequences as a result of this new tease.

The UNSC is recovering from an airstrike by the Covenant in Halo episode 6. A squadron of Banshee aircraft was sent to strafe the UNSC’s base and command ship, in addition to waves of ground soldiers consisting of Grunts, Jackals, Elites, and even a Brute. Now it appears that Master Chief and his Silver Team will be prepared for the next time they face the alien kingdom.

Back on the UNSC world of Reach, “Halo’s” Spartans Kai-125, Vannak-134, and Riz-028 have been entrusted with learning about the new improvements that have become available. The M6E G/GNR, also known as the Spartan Laser in-game, is one of these weapons (or “Splaser”). Spartan Lasers, according to the games and novels’ canon, are the UNSC’s most expensive and powerful weaponry, designed in tandem with the Spartan’s MJOLNIR armor (hence the name). Vannak and Riz both affirm that the anti-vehicle weapon can fire five bullets before needing to be recharged, which matches the maximum charge capacity found in many of the games.

Given that the Spartans and their MJOLNIR armor have been active in the UNSC for quite some time, it’s surprising that the Spartan Laser is being promoted as a completely new weapon. Even said, considering the magnificent spectacle it will likely generate, it makes reasonable that the gun would be saved for later in the season. The strong laser gun, as seen in the games, is capable of easily destroying enemy tanks. It’ll come in useful if Master Chief and the Silver Team ever have to deal with the Covenant’s Banshees in the future.

The stunning action of this weapon (and many others yet to be shown) is sure to burden the TV show’s budget and special effects department, so perhaps the Spartan Laser will be more than a short Easter egg. It would be incredibly satisfying to see it in action, especially after the Covenant’s decisive triumph in the previous episode. Given that the famous (and overpowered) Covenant Needler was teased before making its full action-packed premiere in a subsequent episode, the chances of the Spartan Laser making an appearance on the “Halo” TV show are looking excellent.