Flying Sabre Made by Masterful Halo Infinite Forge Trick

One astute “Halo Infinite” player used a neat vehicle-wielding trick to take control of the typically unrideable Sabre vehicle in the upcoming Forge Mode. The FSS-1000 Sabre aircraft was first featured in the 2010 video game “Halo Reach“, where the UNSC used it in the battle of Reach, which occurred years before the events of the Master Chief’s battles with the Covenant and the Banished. The Sabre was only drivable during a single flight-based mission in “Halo Reach“, and a mission akin in 2012’s “Halo” 4 involving the Broadsword fighter. The “Halo series has allowed players to commandeer vehicles from all factions.

The Sabre is also unavailable in the popular multiplayer modes in “Halo”, but it was made available once more in 2019 as part of the remastered “Halo: The Master Chief Collection“, and players could spawn the aircraft in “Halo Reach” ‘s Forge Mode. With the help of Forge, which was first featured in “Halo” 3 and has since gained popularity, players can modify pre-existing maps to design unique battlegrounds for use in unique multiplayer matches. Some players have created clever tributes to films like Star Wars using the updated Forge modes in games like “Halo” 5: Guardians, and one player even recreated the stage featured in Halo Infinite ‘s initial gameplay demo a few years ago. The massive but typically stationary M313 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, also known as the “Elephant,” has been flown in “Halo” 3 by some players using the Forge Mode.

Unseen “Halo”, a YouTuber and “Halo” enthusiast, has discovered how to use some cunning techniques in “Halo Infinite” ‘s Forge Mode to fully control the FSS-1000 Sabre. In a video that Twitter user Rebs Gaming recently shared, Unseen “Halo” explained how they achieved this. They said that Surasia, a computer graphics artist, helped them combine the Banshee model with the Sabre so that players could fly the latter. The newly controllable Sabre can take to the sky and perform barrel rolls, as seen in Unseen “Halo” ‘s video, but it is currently unable to turn.

Despite Forge’s enormous popularity, “Halo Infinite” from last year was initially released without Forge Mode to avoid further delays. Forge Mode will eventually be added to Infinite, according to developer 343 Industries, and recent leaks have revealed the most recent iteration of Forge’s enhanced weather effects and weapon modification features. Forge Mode for “Halo Infinite” doesn’t currently have an official release date, but the increased frequency of leaks could indicate that it will soon.

Players have always used Forge Mode as a creative outlet to do things they normally couldn’t in the “Halo” games, like controlling vehicles that aren’t frequently used in multiplayer battles or the story campaigns. The Sabre can be controlled in “Halo Infinite” ‘s upcoming Forge Mode, which is an impressive project that fans of the series should know about. However, Unseen “Halo” ‘s method for doing so—fusing the Sabre with another aircraft—is still imperfect in some places.