Characters from the highly-anticipated videogame Halo 5: Guardians appeared on Bondi Beach and in the City on October 15, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Easter Eggs From the Halo Franchise Can be Found In the “Halo” TV Show

Darryl Frank, the show’s producer, explains that there will be some deep-cut franchise Easter eggs throughout the show that only the most ardent fans would notice.

Some very deep-cut franchise Easter eggs are reported to be included in the future Halo series. The “Halo” series is now nearing a release date after many years of development and countless false starts. The show will chronicle the exploits of the iconic Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) amid a 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien army known as the Covenant. It is based on the blockbuster video game series of the same name.

The first Halo video highlighted what to expect when the program premieres in March, displaying incredible practical armor suits and plenty of action. In addition to the Master Chief, the show will feature a slew of other gaming characters, including Cortana (Jen Taylor), Dr. Halsey (Natasha McElhone), Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray), and Jacob Keyes (Olive Gray) (Danny Sapani). Despite not being the first live-action “Halo” effort, the series is the most significant entry into the “Halo” universe to date, and it confronts the difficult task of appeasing both die-hard fans and newbies.

Darryl Frank, Halo’s Executive Producer, said during the Paramount+ TCA event that the show will include some deep-cut Easter eggs for die-hard series fans. The references will come not only from the “Halo” games universe but also from the numerous “Halo” novels. Hardcore fans should expect to see characters who never appeared in the games and may have only been in one of the books, according to Frank. Check out the rest of Frank’s response below:

“You get rewarded at any level you approach the show from. If you’re a Halo deep lore fan, there are gonna be Easter eggs. There are gonna be characters you may have only heard about in one of the 17 or so books that were written. Some characters don’t exist in the games at all, they’re only in the backstory. Some are brand new. And if you’re absolutely new to the game or don’t know anything about it, it’s still a great story. It’s a great war story, love story, political story, story of intrigue, and story of characters who are just reaching for something and they’re all yearning for something that’s just beyond their grasp. And the heroism comes in the trying, not so much in succeeding.”

Despite the fact that the “Halo” franchise has millions of fans worldwide – a number that continues to rise thanks to the record-breaking debut of Halo: Infinite – the show’s producers must still build a show that will appeal to individuals who have never played a Halo game. Fortunately, Frank’s comments indicate that the show will include some special stuff that will be noticed only by the most ardent fans. His comments also imply that the program is borrowing from all aspects of the “Halo” universe, not just the games, which will likely please longstanding fans.

The “Halo” series, like any science-fiction novel set in the future, will rely heavily on world-building. Newcomers will need to be introduced to the huge and complicated universe of “Halo”, many of which will be known to long-time fans. Thankfully, Frank’s comments indicate that the program’s producers are still thinking about these longstanding Halo players, and this show is as much for diehard “Halo” fans as it is for more casual viewers who are less familiar with the complex backstory but will find it no less entertaining.