Early Brute Reveal In “Halo” Is Surprising (But Doesn’t Go Against The Script)

While the “Halo” series, produced by Paramount, shows a Covenant Brute, this does not constitute a departure with pre-existing canon as long as the warriors are shown accurately.

Warning! There will be spoilers for “Halo” episode 5 ahead.

While Paramount’s live-action “Halo” series has only shown a single encounter between a Covenant Brute and Master Chief, the early appearance of the alien species does not alter the already established canon of the games. The incorporation of the great warriors into the new timeline of the TV program, called as “the Silver Timeline,” may even be enhanced by this development. The Brutes appear to be heading in a new way on Halo TV, but they may still fit into what we already know about the intimidating species from the games and novels, according to some.

In “Halo”5: Guardians of the Galaxy, Master Chief and the United Nations Security Council are assaulted by the Covenant’s whole might. The alien empire sent six Banshee planes to strafe the dig site in search of the Forerunner relic that Doctor Halsey and John-117 had uncovered, while ground forces made up of Grunts, Jackals, and Elites battled the soldiers on the ground. Despite the fact that Master Chief and his fellow SPARTANs attempted to deliver the artifact to Halsey, they were eventually unsuccessful after their Warthog was destroyed, leaving the relic in the midst of the battlefield for the Covenant to take possession.

How To Check Your Stats In Halo Infinite | EarlyGameAn unexpected participant in the combat, a Covenant Brute (also known as Jiralhanae), entered the fray and immediately proved himself to be more than a match for John-117 with a single stroke of his gravity hammer. Why this Brute appearance is so startling is because the species didn’t really make its official debut in the games until “Halo” 2, when they took over as the preferred Honor Guard of the Covenant’s senior Prophets, replacing the Elites. However, unlike the original “Halo” game, which was a prequel to the events of the first ring and took place before the events of the prequel game Reach, the live-action series is a prequel and takes place before the events of the first ring in “Halo” 2. In spite of this, existing canon shows that the Brutes were members of the Covenant long before the events of the games took place in which they are featured. Simply said, they didn’t become as prevalent until “Halo” 2. As a result, it appears as though Paramount’s “Halo” is speeding up their ascent to power, especially after this particular Brute was successful in obtaining the relic for the Prophets’ benefit.

It should be noticed that a Brute asserting ownership of the item is crucial. In the original canon, the Jiralhanae and Sangheili Elites share a fierce antagonism with one another, which would be a major factor in the Covenant’s disintegration in the later games as a result of a civil war. Many Elites eventually decide to side with mankind in the fight against the Covenant. While the Elites’ failure in the original “Halo” resulted in the Brutes becoming the Covenant’s Honor Guard, it’s possible that the Brutes’ victory in this installment will be what takes them over the top.

Even though it was released sooner than expected, there was just one Brute included in the latest “Halo” episode. This might imply that there is still conflict amongst extraterrestrial races in this new universe, and that the Brutes have not yet gained favor with the Prophets, as was previously stated. All of that, however, might alter in the next episodes or in a future season, owing to the Forerunner artifact, which will very sure take the Covenant to the first “Halo” ring and so change everything. Regardless, it will be intriguing to see how Paramount’s new series intends to employ Brutes in the future, especially as “Halo”‘s story progresses.