Cortana Is Fixed In the “Halo” Show by Changing Her Color To Blue

By painting Cortana blue, a fan edit addresses criticisms about her portrayal in “Halo”, the upcoming Paramount+ series. Halo features Master Chief/Spartan John-117 (Pablo Schreiber), a super-soldier who serves as humanity’s greatest weapon in a 26th-century fight against the alien Covenant. After being revealed in 2013, the “Halo” franchise has gone through a revolving door of creatives (including Steven Spielberg at one point) before landing at Paramount+.

There’s a lot of expectation on adaptations to do justice to beloved original material, and Halo is no exception. The 21-year-old game brand has strengthened its already-proven fan following with novels, comic books, the live-action serial Halo 4: Forward till Dawn, and the digital film Halo: Nightfall, which was released last year. Despite the absence of original Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes, Cortana voice actress Jen Taylor returns for the future season. The official trailer for Paramount+’s “Halo” was just published, and it features both John-177 and his legendary buddy, with the latter’s redesign causing some controversy among fans.

This week, Stephen Ford came to Twitter to provide a recommendation for how the “Halo” series should improve Cortana. The television celebrity and Halo fan published a simple edit that turns the artificial intelligence blue. Take a look at the following Tweet:

The largest visual deviation from the games in the Paramount+ series, according to the clip, is its decision to make its A.I. build different in live-action. She is now a lot more lifelike and less blue, as opposed to being depicted as a blue humanoid hologram. While this creative decision may not appear to be significant, minor touches can make or break an adaptation in the eyes of a dedicated fanbase. Returning Taylor to voice Cortana should please long-time fans, especially because Natascha McElhone is playing Dr. Catherine Halsey, whose brain was flash cloned to create Cortana in the games. For the sake of consistency, McElhone could have easily voiced Cortana in the series.

The “Halo” series’ graphics are mainly accurate to the games, from the design of Master Chief, the Covenant, to sword-wielding Elites. Given the history of internet-inspired redesigns, such as Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), the powers that be may listen to fans and make Cortana bluer—which, to paraphrase Ford, would be “truly that easy.” “Halo” is set on the “Silver Timeline,” which creates a story that isn’t based on the games. So, even if Paramount+ captures the “Halo” style, the writers will still have a lot on their plate. When the nine-episode series arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 24, it will be interesting to see if “Halo” lives up to the hype.