The Trailer and Teaser for Gossip Girl Is Here

The official trailer has arrived for HBO Max’s Gossip Girl. This new footage, which comes over a week after the original teaser premiered, offers a deeper look into the lives of the next generation of elite New York City teens.

This Gossip Girl is a continuation of the original. It features a powerful and wealthy group of friends who run the show at their prep school, live in lavish homes, has provocative relationships, and attend exclusive Fashion Week shows. Our group of friends has known each other since our childhoods. One voice-over declares that “We have history.” Jordan Alexander’s Julien Caloway declares, “We own the school.”

Whitney Peak’s Zoyalott is a newcomer to the scene. However, drama ensues when she becomes involved with our top posse.

The infamous Gossip Girl website is back in disguise as an anonymous Instagram account that monitors the students at Constance Billard’s and St. Jude’s. Kristen Bell still hosts the newsmonger, despite his updated appearance.

Below is the trailer for Gossip Girl. The series will premiere on HBO Max on July 8.

The first teaser trailer for HBO’s Gossip Girl spinoff series has been released. It’s all we could have hoped for and more.

This preview shows the luxurious vibe that the reboot will have. It somehow looks more extravagant than the OG series but in the best possible way. We don’t see much beyond the teaser. There are moody photos of the cast, some of them surrounded by text messages on their phones, and lots of imagery that homages to Gossip Girls’ signature signoff. Kristen Bell, who is reprising her role of Gossip Girl’s voice for the new series, narrates the entire clip. It somehow makes it feel more real in a butterflies/in-the-pit of-your-stomach way.

The new Gossip Girl version, which premiered on HBO Max in July 2013, is set in the same universe that Blair and Serena’s old home, but many years later. In an official synopsis, HBO stated that eight years after the original website was shut down, a new generation is introduced to Gossip Girl’s social surveillance. “The prestige series will examine how social media and the New York landscape have changed over the years.”

The rising class of fashionable, cool, and elite New Yorkers include Jordan Alexander playing Julien Calloway, Evan Mock playing Aki, Savannah Smith playing Monet de Haan, and Emily Alyn Lind portraying Audrey Hope. Whitney Peak plays Zoya Lott, Eli Brown is Otto Bergmann IV, and Thomas Doherty is Max Wolfe. Zion Moreno plays Luna La and Tavi Gevinson plays Kate Keller. The original cast of Gossip Girl will not return for the new series. Kristen Bell, however, will be narrating the series.

The drama’s details are still being kept under wraps. However, fans can glean any clues from the show’s social media accounts as well as paparazzi photos from the set. Internet-breaking was the first picture of the cast seated on the Met Museum steps. Lind previously told that it was “crazy, everyone was jumping onto it, there were people from all sides.” The madness was unbelievable to her and her castmates. “I was staring at my castmates, and I thought, “What the fuck?” Jesus, this is going to be the next six years. She said.