The Gossip Girls Are Back. Here’s What We Know So Far.

Though their run ended in 2012, Blake Lively’s Serena van der Woodson and Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf are forever in our hearts–and the millennial television canon. Their spiritual children are now heading to the small screen. Gossip Girl 2.0 features a new cast of relative up-and-comers and reflects the increasing ubiquity of social media. According to early information, the cast is different and more “woke” than the original. These teenagers exist in the same universe as the original, and the reboot is a continuation of the original storyline.

The storyline revolves around Julien (Jordan Alexander), an influential social media guru, and Zoya Peak (Whitney Peak), a middle-class newcomer. Tavi Gevinson, former Rookie editor and fashion blogger play Kate Keller. She is a “flustered teacher.”

Despite these differences, the new ‘s intrigue will be just as captivating. New York was recently informed by Josh Safran, the showrunner.

Here’s what we know so far about the Gossip Girls reboot as we get ready for the premiere.

HBO Max is currently working on a next-generation Gossip Girls revival.

Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, the creators of the original series have agreed to lead a Gen-Z revival.

Vulture reported that eight years ago, the original website was shut down. A new generation of New York-based private school teenagers are now exposed to Gossip Girl‘s social surveillance. “The prestige series will examine how social media and the New York landscape have changed over the years,” said Vulture.

The premiere of the show is scheduled for July.

The series will debut on HBO Max on July 8. The Gossip Girl Twitter account shared a video featuring the new cast alongside this important news.

The main characters have been introduced.

We were able to get some details about the main characters from Cosmopolitan’s cover. Whitney Peak portrays Zoya, a relatable Dan Humphrey-esque character. Emily Alyn Lind plays Audrey, a wealthy Constance Billard student whose mother is an athleisure designer. Audrey and Aki (Evan Mock), are currently dating. Audrey’s best friend Julien (Jordan Alexander), is a teen influencer.

Eli Brown plays the role of German Obie, while Thomas Doherty portrays Max. Doherty seems to be playing a Chuck Bass-like parallel for 2021. Doherty asked, “Does Max have an affair with boys?” “Yes, I get naked and yes, I indulge.”

Luna, played in part by Zion Moreno and Monet, a newcomer, is also included in the mix. According to New York Magazine, Kate Keller is played by Tavi Gevinson. The series will also feature Laura Benanti, a Tony Award-winning actress.

The new series will feature “Downton Abbey meets Big Little Lies.”

Variety recently heard from Josh Safran, showrunner of the show. He said that the reboot is “a comedy of manners” but also a comedy. Safran, who wrote and produced Gossip Girl’s original Gossip Girl episode, said that the show is “Downton Abbey meets Big Little Lies”, referring to the Masterpiece period drama and the HBO series based upon Liane Moriarty’s thriller novel of the same title. Safran also called the show “Edith Wharton-y” with an “arsenic-under-the-tongue thing.”

Safran also said that Gossip Girl will be revealed to the audience in the first episode. However, that’s a secret that he is keeping until the premiere.

Cast members assure it will feel very real at the moment.

A few Gossip Girl stars spoke out about the future in an interview with Dazed.

Emily Alyn Lind stated, “I think what we can talk about is that we’re making series in 2020-2021.” It’s important that we not only talk about these issues but also make them normal everyday things for kids. It doesn’t have to be something new or exciting. It just has to exist. It’s about normalizing those things that were once taboo or different.

Jordan Alexander added, “As Emily said, people can just be themselves and be who they are, regardless of whether it’s queer. In the sense that we are all humans just existing. People do what they do.”

Whitney Peak pointed out that the new Gossip Girl will have a much greater diversity than the original. It’s great to see people like you, who are interested in the same things as you, and who happen to be in entertainment. ”

Evan Mock, a model who will make his acting debut in the reboot, also told Vanity Fair that the new version of the film will be more “woke,” blunt,” and “graphic” than the original. He described his character as someone who “figures things out sexually”.

Surprise twists will be part of the series.

Safran revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that the reboot would have an unexpected “twist”. He wouldn’t reveal the exact twist in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

At the Vulture Festival, he did note that it relates to the reboot’s increased focus on representation, alongside the roots of wealth and privilege.

Safran stated that there was not much representation on the first show. “I was the only gay writer that I thought the whole time I was there. Even though I attended a private school in New York during the ’90s the school did not necessarily reflect the Gossip Girls. This time, the leads are not white. This show has a lot of queer content. It’s a discussion about the current world, how wealth and privilege are distributed, and how to deal with that. There is a twist to this story that I cannot say, but it all has to do with the twist.

The reboot will take place after COVID-19 when everyone has been vaccinated. This means that people will be crowded into bars again. Safran revealed that the new Gossip Girl will not be a blog as in the original series. Instead, it will be an all-encompassing social media platform. This description is deliberately vague by the showrunner.

Safran stated that she hopes the platform Gossip Girl will air it. “I would love to see that conversation take place in the context people have seen it, rather than talking about something they haven’t seen.”

Donna Murphy joined the cast.

Donna Murphy, a two-time Tony Award nominee, is set to star in the series. She is also known for her work onscreen in Tangled, Center Stage, and many other shows. Vulture was informed by HBO Max, and OK! that Murphy will be playing a headmistress at a high school.

Savannah Smith explained to T&C the things she expected.

T&C got an idea from Smith who will play Monet de Haan on the new series of Gossip Girl.

She said, “Originally, it was a reboot [of Gossip Girls series], but now it’s an extension- the old characters exist already and we’re new kids on the block.” It’s easy to modernize, everything feels so current. While there are still billionaires and socialites, we are now discovering what that means for 2021.

They were seen on set.

Original plans were for the series to premiere in fall 2020. However, COVID-19 put a wrench into the schedule and forced production to stop in spring. The actors made it to the set, despite it being later than expected. Gossip Girl-watchers were given a collection of behind-the-scenes photos while the actors filmed in New York.

Karena Evans was the director of the first two episodes.

Evans is most well-known for his Drake music videos including “God’s Plan” (and “Nice for What”), but Evans has recently started working in TV and directed episodes for P-Valley, Snowfall, and other networks. Joshua Safran, the executive producer, stated that he couldn’t be happier for Karena to start the new series. Her passion, vision, and voice are unmatched. It is an honor and privilege to work alongside her. I cannot wait to see the plans she has for us all.”

Kristen Bell will be reprising her role of the show’s narrator.

True fans will know that Dan “Lonely Boy,” Humphrey was the show’s central mystery blogger. But Kristen Bell voiced Gossip Girl every time she spoke.

TV Line confirmed that she signed on for the new project. In a joint statement, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Joshua Safran said that Kristen Bell was and will continue to be Gossip Girl’s voice.

The “same universe” will be used for the show.

It’s like the Marvel Universe. It isn’t a continuation of the previous series. It’s just looking at a different angle,” Safran said to Entertainment Tonight. It’s the same high school, so we’re back to Constance Billard. We’re looking at a group of friends in their junior years. These pieces look the same. They are still wearing uniforms, but not everyone lives on Upper East Side. Brooklyn isn’t a bad place to be.

What about the original high school students? Safran stated, “They are part of the universe.” They are a part of the world, and characters often talk about them. “So, yes, I would love for [the actors] to come back. It was five years into the future when it ended, and it’s now five years later. So there are new possibilities for them to do.

However, don’t expect Serena or Blair to make cameos.

Safran spoke with the Daily Beast about his reasons for not resurrecting iconic Gossip Girl characters. He said, “We made a decision early in the process. I was nervous about it but eventually came to believe that the audience wouldn’t accept these characters if the characters were in the shadows of the original characters.” “If Blair appeared for just two scenes, you would say, “I want more Blair.” The reboot will feature a few familiar faces, but no big names.

However, this does not mean that all is lost. Safran suggested that, if everything goes well with season 1, he may explore the possibility to bring back more of the original cast members. “The decision was made: Let’s finish Season 1 and if we get Season 2, we will have the opportunity to bring in cameos which are more than just cameos, but that actually tell their storylines. We hope we can get there. If necessary, we will reach out to the cast to see if they are interested in coming.

There is one Gossip girl that would be interested in appearing if and when it happens. Digital Spy was told by Chace Crawford, aka Nate Archibald, that he would be open to reprising his role. He said, “I would absolutely come.”