“Foundation” TV Show Adds Exclusive Clip

Even by science-fiction standards, “Foundation” tackles several controversial themes. Throughout the Apple TV+ series’ complicated narrative, the show never loses sight of its characters. The Warden of Terminus, Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), is a prominent character in “Foundation”. Hardin commits to the guardianship of her friends and family while working on the Foundation project, which is a strategy to maintain human civilization ahead of a predicted dark era.

CBR obtained an exclusive film depicting Hardin amid a period of concern about the job that lies ahead of them, ahead of “Foundation’s” upcoming fourth episode on Apple TV+.

“Foundation” Season 1, Episode 4, “Barbarians at the Gate,” is included in this clip. Hardin is overwhelmed by the terrible choices that lie ahead in order to protect their friends and family in the first-look trailer. A little encouragement from their boyfriend Hugo (Daniel MacPherson) goes a long way, and it seems that no amount of logic or predictions can inspire someone as much as pleasant words from a loved one.