Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Highlights Composer Yoko Kano in New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Netflix will highlight composer Yoko Kano’s return to the new Cowboy Bebop series by showing a behind-the scenes video of her working. When it comes to live action adaptations of anime, there is often a divide. This was particularly true for Netflix, Tomorrow Studios’ live-action version of the classic Cowboy Bebop. As the series prepares to debut worldwide on Netflix, the first reviews and reactions are starting to appear online. Many agree that bringing back the original composer was one of the greatest decisions.

The team made it one of the most anticipated announcements before Cowboy Bebop‘s debut. Yoko Kanno was brought back to the series to create the music. The series will feature the original opening theme, as well as other highlights. Netflix has released a behind-the scenes video that gives fans a glimpse into Kanno’s process. Below is the Cowboy Bebop special video.

You can watch the original anime online before the new series debuts. Cowboy Bebop’s anime will be streaming on Netflix on November 19th . The series consists of 10 episodes and stars Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda. Also, Tamara Tunie and Mason Alexander Park are featured. Jay Uddin and Lydia Peckham also review Cowboy Bebop. Josh Randall and Rodney Cook also comment on the series.

The series does however feel like Cowboy Bebop in that the characters look the way they should and the worlds feel as real as the original. However, there are more problems than the original when it comes down to capturing the spirit and soul of the series. While the new Netflix series has its faults, it is still a fun ride that fans of both the original and the new show can enjoy. The show will never reach the same heights as the original. However, if viewers are willing to overlook this fact, they can still enjoy a fun, albeit somewhat disjointed, ride.