The Rest Is Silence: Clarice’s Finale

It turns out that you can return home. That’s at least the message of “Family Is Freedom,” a semi-ironically named season and series finale of Clarice. Clarice Starling drives her car to West Virginia in her final moments to see her mother, who she gave away many years ago. Clarice has lost the battle of her eyes. Her memories of a father who was viewed as a hero and whose mother was uncaring have been replaced by the reality that her dad was a mildly corrupt person. Clarice also realized that her mother’s pleas for her to leave were not about the family home but the criminal enterprise he was involved in. Clarice was actually in the arms of Catherine Martin who saved her from serial killer Buffalo Bill. It was in Catherine’s arms that Clarice realized that she had to try the same kind of reconciliation that Ruth and Catherine have experienced. It was a surprise phone call, purring “Hello Clarice,” from someone I thought would end the season. Or is it some behind-the-scenes breakthrough? It is not. It fits, and it fits well.