Arcane Hides Another Future Champion In Plain Sight

One of the future champions from League of Legends is quietly another minor character in the three episodes of Arcane.

WARNING! The following contains spoilers for Arcane Episode 3 “The Base Violence Necessary for Change,” which is streaming now on Netflix.

Arcane’s inherent appeal is its ability to reveal the origins of beloved League of Legends characters. This reveals how innocent people such as Powder can grow up to be the anarchic Jinx. Although many of these future champions are the focus of the show’s story, there is one character who is more or less sidelined. However, he is likely to be a more dangerous figure in the future. Silco’s scientist, who was introduced in the first episode Arcane is secretly another future champ and could be a wild card given his fate in this first batch of episodes.

The criminal Silco is trying to gain power in Zaun by making moves with his allies. He can then prepare to terrorize Piltover’s forces into cooperating with him, while also ensuring that he steals authority from Vander , his friend. He has hired a scientist to create a serum called Shimmer, which can transform living creatures into terrifyingly brutal new forms. The scientist is an insignificant character in Arcane’s first three episodes. He quietly works behind the scenes at Silco’s request. The scientist, who is quite subdued when Powder arrives to rescue her friends and colleagues, is found in Silco’s laboratory.

The explosion that resulted from Powder exploded through the building killing multiple people. The scientist was one of those killed in the explosion. Although he is not shown to be dead in the blast, it could be assumed that he died in the flames. There’s one problem: Singed, the name of the character in the credits, is listed as Singed. Singed was one of the League of Legends champions. This indicates that he survived and will continue to be a fearsome figure in the game’s world. Arcane functions in a prequel the events of the game. It can be inferred therefore that this explosion was what triggered the transformation of the frail scientist to the murderous fighter that he became.

Singed is a monstrous alchemist, who has devoted his entire life to creating his deadly serums. He can be used by players to spray toxic fumes on the battlefield, put enemies in their place, and then overwhelm them with chemical warfare. His body is also covered in bandages, which suggests that he may be hiding a serious injury. This could be due to his close proximity to the Powder explosion, which caused a severe burn to his lower half. Singed could have been injured by the explosion and subsequent mental and physical trauma and became the League of Legends character.

Singed stands out from the rest of the Arcane cast members. The narrative focuses more on Singed’s evolution into the more recognisable forms they were in the original game. In the first episode, Singed serves as a plot device. He gives Silco the ability to gain a terrifying and powerful advantage over his enemies through his research into Shimmer. Fans of the original game might assume that he is not involved in the story, given his apparent death. His identity as a future champion indicates that Singed’s story hasn’t ended yet — which suggests that Singed could return in future episodes as either an agent of Silco, or even as a monstrous threat for Zaun and Piltover.