5 Questions That We Still Have About “The Last of Us”

So far we know what will play the main characters of “The Last of Us” tv show and all of the responsible people behind the screen. But there are still a lot of things that we would like to know. Read below 5 questions that everyone is interested in.

How Much Of The Franchise Will It Cover?

There have been speculations about how much the franchise will cover, when exactly it will take place. Some rumors say that the tv show could take place of the gap between the first and the 2nd game, while some others assume that it would start early than the original game.

According to the IMDb interviews and summary together using show-runners Druckmann and Mazin, it’s a lot more probable that the show will concentrate on the very first game with the potential for this to last the narrative at future seasons. Determined by its own success, this leaves the possibilities for within the years between both games, and for it to finally accommodate The Last of Us Part II.

Will It Explore Joel’s Past?

Naughty Dog “The Last of Us” starts with an epidemic that shocks the USA and culminates at the death of Joel’s daughter. It jumps into twenty decades after and leaves exactly what happened throughout that decades-long gap just hinted during the narrative and a couple of vague lines out of Tommy.

It might reveal more of Joel’s lifetime together with Sarah, his despair over her passing, along with flashbacks into a number of the violence and legal actions which Joel was an integral part of following the outbreak.

Will It Show The Events Of Left Behind?

There’s far to research in regards to Joel’s complicated heritage, but there’s still much of Ellie’s past that’s never shown in the first game. Originally published in 2013, “The Last of Us” intentionally left some details obscure, but players finally secured a marginally broader look in Ellie’s history with all the 2014 expansion pack titled, ”The Last of Us: Left Behind”.

The series gets the chance to reveal Ellie’s past using Marlene and Riley along with also the events which led up to her being humiliated.

How Much Will The Characters And Story Change?

Fans had been concerned if comments were made in regards to the show potentially shifting things out of the game as a way to improve the narrative. Some fans translated this to imply that Joel will differ.

Co-creator Craig Mazin surfaced around the rumors at the beginning of tv shows development. “In this circumstance, I am doing it with Neil Druckmann, so the changes that we’re making are intended to fill out things and expand” Mazin’s full quotation appears to debunk the notion that there’ll be extravagant alterations, but there’s still no telling what “improvements” happen to be made or the way fans will react to them.

When Will It Premiere?

It’s been almost a year since HBO announced the adaptation of this most popular video game franchise and just days when they announced the tv show’s cast. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has put hundreds of shows and movies back when it comes to releasing dates and production.

While there’s no confirmed premiere date for the highly anticipated series, it’s unlikely a series that requires so much work in the post-production will be finished in 2021. It’s much more probable it will broadcast sometime in 2022.

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