Hell’s Paradise: Yamada Asaemon Ranking System, Explained! 

Hell’s Paradise: Yamada Asaemon Ranking System, Explained! 

The Yamada Clan are samurai who serve a central role in the world of Hell’s Paradise. They mainly function as executioners and sword testers possessing great skills and knowledge. They are often referred to as Kubikiri or Neck Chopping Asas. 

As such, they are required to not show any emotions and are very honed in their skills. They present way above your average shinobi and have a ranking system. Let’s understand more about this ranking system as these samurai influence the story in more ways than one!

The Yamada Asaemon hierarchy is complicated and ranks the individuals from Rank 1 to Rank 12. It is not completely dependent on their fighting abilities, and also takes into account their intellectual abilities and leadership qualities!

The Yamada Asaemon Ranking System is integral to the storyline and majorly ranks the individuals based on their potential to be the next head of the clan. The ranking goes from 1st to 12th, with the 1st rank being the most qualified.

Although their sword skills such as Tameshi Ittō-ryū play an important role in their ranking, they aren’t solely dependent on them. The ranking also gives value to the level of knowledge the individual possesses along with their leadership qualities!

For instance, even though Eizen is the highest-ranked Asaemon, Shugen was recognized as the clan’s strongest member. Eizen was ranked higher because he possessed the qualities of a leader that overshadowed his peers.

A woman can also become a part of the Yamada Asaemon Clan but would need a ranked Asaemon to vouch for them. This is how Sagiri was able to obtain her position!

Current Ranking of Yamada Clan!

According to manga, here are the current rankings of the Yamada Clan. Eizen is ranked the highest while Sagiri is ranked the lowest. 

Rank 1- Eizen

Rank 2- Shugen

Rank 3- Jikka

Rank 4- Shion

Rank 5- Senta

Rank 6- Gagaimo

Rank 7- Tsumutsumu

Rank 8- Genji

Rank 9- Fuchi

Rank 10- Tenza

Rank 11- Kisho

Rank 12- Sagiri

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Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku is a manga series by Yuji Kaku that ran from January 2018 to January 2021. It was serialized on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ website and app and has been collected into 13 volumes.

Gabimaru: The Empty is a ninja assassin who is on death row. He feels nothing and can’t be killed due to his training as a shinobi. Yet, when he faces Asaemon Sagiri, he realizes his will to live and return to his wife.

He is assigned the task to find the elixir of life on a legendary island. The island kills any person sent to it. Will Gabimaru find the elixir and escape alive?

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