“Thymesia”: Rosemary Source

At first sight, “Thymesia” may appear to be very similar to many other games in its genre, but thanks to a number of innovative and distinctive mechanisms, it manages to stand out significantly. One of them is its ingenious potion system, which lets you mix different substances to give your character unique boons. You’ll need to locate those substances; some of them are more difficult to locate than others. Rosemary, one of the rarest items, only occasionally drops from a particular kind of adversary. Discover how to finally obtain this elusive substance by reading on.

Rosemary where to find her

The mutant female knife-wielding monsters with spikes sprouting from their backs have a 1% drop rate for Rosemary. These can be discovered all around the game, but the main and side quests in the Sea of Trees biome have a lot of them. But make sure you’ve invested in all three of the abilities that raise item drop rates before you go off to fight one. These are located in the talent tree’s “Strategies” section. This will increase your chances of finding all kinds of stuff, including the Rosemary you’re looking for, to drop.

The second beacon in Sea of Trees: Sub Quest 1 is the finest location we’ve discovered to farm the mutant female, knife-wielding adversary. Simply proceed to the second beacon in this side objective, then avoid the close opponent with a spear, then look around the opposite side of the wall to find the adversary you’re looking for. If killing her doesn’t yield a Rosemary drop, return to the beacon, take a break, and try again until you do.