How To Upgrade In “Thymesia”

Since “Thymesia” is a difficult game, it’s nice that there are many of opportunities for you to level up your character. Having the proper stat distribution is frequently the difference between triumph and defeat when faced with the countless fierce foes and intimidating boss battles that stand in your way.

You can get away with upgrading “Thymesia’s” three stats equally in the early stages of the game since there are only three stats to level up. However, if you want to be as successful as possible later, you could choose to give up a little extra health for more damage or earn a little extra energy for employing plague weapons. You will need to respec, but there is only one method to get the item needed to do it.

Tips for respec

You need to obtain a thing called Forgotten Feather in Thymesia in order to respec your stat points. You will only have a very small number of them during your adventure unless you go back and farm the bosses for extra drops because you can only get them by beating bosses at the end of stages. As a result, be careful and thoughtful about how you use your points so that you don’t have to spend too much time grinding.

Once you’ve beaten the game’s first big boss, you’ll get your first Forgotten Feather and be able to change your class. You can fully redesign your build by just selecting “Use Forgotten Feather” while resting anywhere in the game. This will reset your level and all of your attributes.