“Thymesia”: All Recipes for Potions

One of “Thymesia’s” many distinctive mechanics—which we haven’t seen much of in other soulslike games—is its intriguing potions system. You can locate and equip a variety of components to add benefits to your potions, but you can even create recipes by combining

“Thymesia”: Rosemary Source

At first sight, “Thymesia” may appear to be very similar to many other games in its genre, but thanks to a number of innovative and distinctive mechanisms, it manages to stand out significantly. One of them is its ingenious potion system, which

How To Upgrade In “Thymesia”

Since “Thymesia” is a difficult game, it’s nice that there are many of opportunities for you to level up your character. Having the proper stat distribution is frequently the difference between triumph and defeat when faced with the countless fierce foes and