You May Design and Fly Your Own Spaceships In “Starfield”

The major “Starfield” released today includes a slew of customization information, and it turns out you can design your own spaceship from the ground up and fly it across the galaxy.

Todd Howard of Bethesda took the stage at the end of today’s Xbox press conference. The first “Starfield” gameplay clip was shown at Bethesda’s press conference, and it showed the player character exploring the mystery moon Kreet, killing bad guys, and later, building a personalized base and spaceship.

With “tons of various modules, ship makers, and more,” Howard noted, you may customize the design and layout of your spaceships. Because, of course, you have much more important priorities as the captain of the spaceship, you can choose crew members you meet along the way to work on the spaceship – the gameplay trailer shows the player character piloting their spaceship around various planets and shooting at hostile enemy ships.

Howard stated that the character creator for Starfield will be Bethesda’s “most flexible yet.” Before the journey begins, you’ll choose a background and three distinct starting skills, and then flesh out your character.

Today’s “Starfield” presentation also revealed a number of information regarding the game’s scale and scope, including the fact that you’ll be able to explore over 1,000 planets and play with about 100 systems. Of course, since this is Bethesda, a lockpicking minigame will be included.

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