In Fresh Footage, “Skull & Bones” Exploring Appears To Be Limited, Which Worries the Players

You might not get the open-world pirate experience you were hoping for from “Skull and Bones.” Players have been rather let down by a recent IGN video that explains how exploring functions in the upcoming Ubisoft game.

Although we already knew this, the additional information from the video makes the game’s universe appear even more constrained. “Skull & Bones” won’t let you disembark from your ship on every island, just at particular ports and dens. In “Skull & Bones,” treasure maps and treasure chests can only be found at the designated outposts, not on arbitrary islands you might come upon while traveling.

Players harped on the IGN video’s statement that “not every island is explorable” as evidence that the Ubisoft game may be more constrained than they’d imagined. Commenter says, “That line brought me a nosebleed.” Naturally, “Skull & Bones” is being compared to other pirate games like Water of Thieves and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag from Ubisoft, both of which feature considerable on-land and sea travel.

But it’s crucial to remember that “Skull & Bones” is really a game about ship-to-ship combat. Ubisoft is unmistakably fixated on the gameplay mechanic that will enable “best in class naval combat.” But it’s difficult to avoid being a little sad that not all of “Skull & Bones” will be accessible for exploration, especially in light of how much fun Sea of Thieves’ combat system is and how that game provides limitless exploring.

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