“Stalker 2” Will Not Be Distributed In Russia, As The Developer Writes A Farewell Letter To The Public

“Stalker 2” will reportedly no longer be available in Russia.

The announcement was made by GSC devs in the official “Stalker 2” Russia forum on the social media site VK. According to a ResetEra translation of the article, “Stalker 2” will no longer be released later this year in Russia, but all digital pre-orders for the game in the area will be honored.

In terms of physical editions, “Stalker 2’s” intended release in Russia has been canceled, and physical pre-orders will no longer be fulfilled. Furthermore, anybody who pre-ordered “Stalker 2” either a digital download or a physical retailer is entitled to a refund.

“We are Ukrainian developers. And it will always be that way “On the VK post, the GSC developer adds that this will be the studio’s final post on the Russian social media site. The GSC, which is located in Ukraine, appears to have severed all links with its Russian community.

GSC said earlier this month that development on “Stalker 2” had been halted owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but that it will “certainly continue” in the future. GSC also discreetly updated the subtitle of “Stalker 2” to match the original Ukrainian spelling of Chernobyl. While Western standards have traditionally required us to use the Russian spelling of Chernobyl, the dev team of “Stalker 2” has decided to use the Ukrainian spelling of Chornobyl instead.