“Pokemon Legends: Arceus” Soaring Basculegion Bug Is A Speedrunner’s Fantasy

“Pokemon Legends: Arceus” has a bug that causes Basculegion to fly.

Basculegion is one of five different “Pokemon” you may ride across the map in “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” if you haven’t played it yet or just haven’t gotten that far in the game. A horse-like “Pokemon”, a bear-like monster, and a fish-like creature, Basculegion, are some of the “Pokemon” you may employ to explore the land, the sea, and the rivers. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Basculegion’s talents if the glitchy winds are in your favor.

The bug, discovered by sausageandtea on Reddit, requires you to be riding Basculegion and double-jumping out of the water, according to his post. If all goes according to plan, and Nintendo hasn’t already patched up the problem, you should be able to soar around on a gigantic fish like you’ve always wanted to. And if you’re into speedrunning, this specific bug is bound to be a godsend for you.

We tried to replicate the error ourselves and were unable, although it might have been due to a variety of reasons. If for no other reason than that our tester hadn’t yet obtained the Braviary “Pokemon”, which allows you to fly within the game’s regulations, we couldn’t pull it off. Or, as previously indicated, Nintendo may have already fixed the bug. If you’re reading this while perched atop Basculegion, send us a tweet.