To Stop Gold Duplication “New World” Disables Wealth Transfers

“New World”, an Amazon Games enormous multiplayer online game, momentarily prohibited wealth transfers to discourage players from duplicating gold. Following its September release, the RPG has had a lot of success, but not without some significant bugs and “New World” server troubles.

“New World” players noticed a gold duplication issue in mid-October, which was caused by a server switch. The exploit was identified in an upgrade that enabled server transfers in an attempt to alleviate the large server delays that existed at the time of launch. Players who attempted to move their characters to a new server were greeted with a “character persistence issue” error message, which prohibited them from progressing or preserving their progress. As a result, several gamers transferred their gold to another player, logged off, and then had their gold restored to them when they re-entered the game. The simple series of steps allowed gamers to acquire twice as much gold as they had originally received. Amazon condemned the problem, warning that exploiting the flaw might result in a lifetime ban.

New World (via PC Gamer) announced that all money transfers will be blocked due to the bug’s constant exploitation. This involves mailing currency, using the guild treasury, using the trading post, and trading with other players. “The use of this exploit will be actioned against,” Amazon said if this flaw is exploited by any player. It also stated that it will update the post once the gold duplication hack has been thoroughly explored.

The gold replication bug is far from the only flaw discovered in “New World” since its inception. Players recently uncovered a very simple bug that prevents their in-game characters from getting damaged. Switching the game to its windowed mode and dragging it across the screen is all it takes to get invincible in “New World”. The character will not be damaged during the duration of the mouse’s grip on the window.

“New World” remains popular despite all of the problems, server troubles, and bugs that its gamers have encountered. It’s unclear when Amazon will provide an update to players on this issue or how long its investigation into the exploit will take. One thing is certain: gamers in the “New World” will have to wait for wealth transfer to become available. Although this isn’t the first time the game has been exploited, it is, hopefully, the last.