The Community’s Endgame Challenge Was Accepted By “New World” Devs

Unhappy with endgame adjustments that made high-level elite zones more difficult and sure that Amazon Game Studios didn’t play its own game, the “New World” community recently issued a challenge to the game’s developers: stream an endgame Myrkgard run for players to see how it’s intended to be done.

Amazon, much to the astonishment of the community, accepted the challenge, recently releasing a video showing a group of ten developers, including game director Scot Lane, attempting to solve one of the game’s most difficult endgame content sections. The developers concede right away that they lack the necessary equipment and aren’t quite as proficient as “New World’s” most dedicated players. But it didn’t stop them from plunging blindly into the Myrkgard endgame elite zone, which often resulted in amusing outcomes.

Despite their lack of equipment, the developers put up a decent fight, fighting their way through the zone for around an hour. The film presents four distinct developers’ perspectives, as well as some “helpful” (and occasionally sarcastic) recommendations addressed at some of the devs who weren’t performing as well as they could have. “Keep your tank full of horrible things will happen,” says one tip, and “Sometimes capitulation is the best option.” Along the way, the developers gripe about bad loot, plead for heals, bemoan the fact that their teammates pull many more foes than they should, and eventually, despite their best efforts, call it quits.

The video appears to have gone down well in the New World community, with players commending Amazon for responding to the demand. It appears to be part of Amazon’s bigger push to be more open with the game’s community, as evidenced by a newly published hour-and-a-half-long developer update video that addresses many commonly asked community questions and describes what players can expect in the weeks and months ahead.

While it’s good to see the game’s developers battle with many of the same concerns that players have, it’s unclear whether Amazon will be able to address many of the ongoing issues that players have faced, such as a lack of endgame content. Following its enormous launch in September, “New World” was also beset by a number of bugs and exploits, which, while many of them were swiftly fixed, proved to be extremely disruptive to the game’s player base.

“New World” has got its first seasonal event, the Winter Convergence Festival, as well as some other endgame tweaks. The new Expertise system was one of those improvements, which attracted immediate criticism from players. As a result of the feedback, Amazon tweaked the system, even more, to ensure that individuals who relied on manufactured or quest-acquired items didn’t see their character’s power drop.