New World Players Are Abandoning The Game A Month After Launch

Amazon Games’ MMORG NEW World has seen a substantial drop in players. Its peak player count dropped by 600,000. Just a few weeks after its launch.

Amazon Games recently released a MMORPG for players New World The game is being abandoned by players just over a month following its launch. Peak player numbers have also dropped significantly, despite the fact that it was launched. New World’s strong beginning . The game was released in September. However, only a few weeks later, around two-thirds (or more) of its users had left Aeternum.

New World enjoyed one of the best starts of the year with nearly one million players concurrently on the weekend of its launch. This earned the game the number one spot on Steam’s user charts. New World beat out Steam favorites Dota2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It was a strong launch, especially for a new IP. Server issues caused many players to have difficulty enjoying their game at first. Despite receiving “Mostly Positive” Steam Reviews, many new World players have encountered bugs, glitches and balance-breaking exploits.

Forbes reported that many New World players have quit the game. The SteamCharts 9133,000 peak player count at launch dropped to 304,000 players as of November 7. This week’s decline in peak players is steady, with the publication reporting a loss of 100,000 per week for the last four weeks. Players have been venting their frustrations on the New World forums as well as Reddit. With no content roadmap, it’s unclear when the developer will implement the many fixes that fans want.

Although there is no roadmap, the tide could turn soon for New World. Amazon Games announced that they will offer a new way for players to playtest and support the game. New World’s Public Test Realm allows fans to access unreleased features and add-ons to get feedback before they are implemented in the final game. PTR will allow users to test new weapons, quests and missions. Users can also submit feedback regarding bugs and glitches. It remains to be seen if the program will attract lost players. However, new content may breathe life into the release once it is patched and implemented.

New World’s player count dip may be significant, but it is common for live-service gaming to experience a decline in players early in their lifecycle. The game has many features players still want, and some of these could spark interest again in the MMO. Fans will enjoy lots of new content from the Public Test Realm. While it is not yet known when it might be available in the main game, it could well come back to New World’s future.