New Blunderbuss Weapon in “New World’s” Heart of Madness Update

Heart of Madness, a new update for Amazon Games’ MMORPG “New World”, will offer new content as well as the Blunderbuss weapon. New World’s Public Test Realm, or PTR, is the first stop for game updates, and it’s a limited-access server designed to give players a taste of upcoming features. These features can be evaluated on the PTR in order to fix any bugs or issues that may arise before the full release of an update.

New World was first revealed by Amazon Games in 2016, and when it was released in 2021, fans flocked to the servers in droves. At the time, Steam had a peak of 707,000 concurrent players, indicating that “New World” was a hit with users. While the game’s early success was amazing, it gradually lost popularity, with users citing a lack of important game updates, as well as general gameplay flaws and combat frustrations as issues. While Amazon Games has taken steps to ensure the quality of Fresh World with the PTR, fans have been eagerly anticipating new upgrades and enhancements.

Amazon Games explained what players may expect when the Heart of Madness update debuts later this March on the official “New World” website, which was later posted on Twitter by New World. The Blunderbuss, a ranged weapon with “excellent mobility mixed with strong close-to-mid range damage,” will be one of the many new additions to the content. The update will also add two-weapon mastery trees with new playstyles, as well as a new Legendary Weapon Quest series. The Tempest’s Heart will be added as an endgame expedition in the update, which concludes Isabella’s journey. This quest is hard for the faint of heart since it requires five Level 60 players to complete. Along with this task, players will notice new wild encounters, several bug fixes, and intuitive weapon balance improvements.

Players who were dissatisfied with the material of the “New World” have praised the future upgrade. According to the website’s investigation of the Heart of Madness update, fans can expect a significant amount of new content, which should satisfy those who are dissatisfied with the game’s current status. The inclusion of the Blunderbuss is perhaps the most anticipated feature with the Heart of Madness update, though the promise of new playstyles through the Containment and Chaos weapon mastery trees should certainly appeal to gamers.

The March “New World” Public Test Realm will open at 10 a.m. PST on March 3, 2022, and will only have one world. Players must set their region to US East in order to access the PTR. The Heart of Madness update and all-new ranged weapon for “New World” is exciting for both existing and new players, and the PTR’s inclusion demonstrates Amazon Games’ commitment to listening to players and implementing meaningful changes. The Heart of Madness upgrade looks promising for “New World’s” future.