“New World” Game Is Getting Halloween Costumes

While Amazon’s popular MMO “New World” will not be hosting a full-fledged Halloween event, players will be able to dress up for the occasion. For the season, a number of new Halloween-themed outfits, as well as new weapon skins and magical home decor, have been added to the in-game store.

The Scapegrace Jack’s Happy Lantern, a house decoration that can be redeemed in the in-game store until November 15, is one of the new goods that will be available for free. The rest of the products can be bought using Marks of Fortune, New World‘s” premium currency that must be bought with real-world money.

The suave Bloodthirsty Count, the mummy-like Shroud of the Pharoah, both for 14,000 Marks, and the skull-masked Skeletal Chevalier, which costs 16,000 Marks, are among the armor skins available. Each outfit comes with a full set of skins that may be used alone or all together on various clothes.

The Frankenstein Hammer, Skeletal Rapier, Crimson Bloodlock, Black Widow Staff, and Pharoah’s Curse huge axe are among the weapon skins. On October 26, a number of masks will be added to the store.

Multiple variants of a typical jack-o-lantern, witchy objects like an enchanted broom and a bubbling cauldron, and frightening touches like a haunted candelabra and a stolen headstone are among the new housing items.

Except for the masks, all of the new store goods are available today and will be available through November 15.