Everything We Know About Amazon’s “New World” Video Game

“New World” is under a lot of stress. The early modern fantasy MMO is Amazon’s latest attempt at creating a PC success, something the company has struggled with in the past: competitive shooter Crucible was launched, then canceled, while multiplayer brawler Breakaway was canceled before it even left alpha. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why “New World” has been postponed till 2021. Given Amazon’s massive bank account, two bad beginnings can be excused, but three would be a disaster.

“New World”, on the other hand, has always appeared like the Amazon game with the most chance of succeeding. This is due in part to its practical design and scope. Over the last decade, a slew of Kickstarter-backed MMOs has sprung up, promising EVE Online-style intrigue and bustling dynamic worlds governed solely by gamers.

We now know a lot more about what to expect from the MMO, whether it’s magic, combat, or how its factions, forts, and companies truly work, thanks to the completion of one New World beta. Now, during the approaching open beta period, you’ll be able to try it out for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of all we know about “New World”, as well as what you can anticipate finding on Aeternum that arrive in August.

When it’s released?

The “New World” release date is September 28, 2021.

New World has had a difficult time getting to a release date. The most recent postponement is the third in a row; it was originally scheduled for August 2020, then Spring 2021, and then August 2021.

Does New World require a subscription?

No, there will be no monthly fees to play “New World”. There is only one purchase required—the regular edition costs $40—though there may be expansions or additional items to purchase in the future.

There is an in-game store in “New World”, however, it is primarily for cosmetics such as skins, house decor, and pets.

Will there be an open beta for New World?

The open beta for “New World” will run from Thursday, September 9 to Sunday, September 12.

“New World” had a closed beta period that began on July 20 and ended on August 2. It was only available to those who pre-ordered the game and signed up for the beta. However, no player progress from the beta is transferred over.

If you want to try out the “New World” open beta for yourself, you’ll be able to do so starting September 9 on the Steam page.

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Different modes of “New World”

In Aeternum, you can try out a range of various “New World” game styles. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

War mode: This mode is essentially New World’s MMO dungeon, and it involves you and four friends assembling a balanced group to solve puzzles and battle enemies. to prepare their siege More information may be found in this IGN hands-on with the creators.

Expeditions: This mode is New World’s version of an MMO dungeon, and it involves you and four friends putting together a balanced party to solve puzzles and battle bosses.

Invasion: 50 players defend their fort against waves of attackers, including the powerful Void Destroyer, in this PvE defense mode. You win if you last 30 minutes; otherwise, the region is demoted.

Outpost Rush: This PvPvE game pits you against other players in a 20v20 struggle to conquer outposts, acquire resources, and strengthen your defenses while fending off adversaries. Below is a video of it in action.

How many players can be in a New World server at a time?

According to Amazon, we’ll be able to share the world with “over 1,000” players at a time. With roughly 200,000 continuous users in the “New World” beta, there should be plenty of players when it launches.

Story of the “New World”

You wash ashore on Aeternum, a legendary island with veins of Azoth, a magical substance that both empowers and corrupts. So it’s a magical and monster-infested lost island.

There are old civilization ruins (guarded by skeletons), natural creatures empowered by the magic, corrupted settlers, and more monsters to contend with. There’s more to the story than the setting, and Aeternum is full of secrets. There’s even a villain named Isabella who appears at the end of this trailer.

What kind of MMO is New World?

“New World” has a PvP territorial control feature, but it’s not a completely player-driven sandbox. You can spend your entire day killing monsters, leveling up, and discovering or creating new gear if you so desire. You can team up with other players to take on world events or go head to head with a boss. You don’t have to worry about player politics and may play “New World” like any other open-world RPG: explore new places, kill new monsters, locate new resources, and craft new items.

Once you’ve joined one of the planet’s three factions, you can switch on your PvP flag to combat other players in the open world. You only lose some item durability and possibly some pride and time if you are slain by a player from another group. You’ll get more experience points for everything you do if you choose to participate in PvP.

Factions of the “New World”

At level 10, you can join one of three “New World” factions, allowing you to form a firm and participate in faction conflicts and events:

The Marauders are a military faction dedicated to making Aeternum a free nation.
Syndicate: A mysterious group on the lookout for lost knowledge and enlightenment.
Covenant: A group of zealots who wish to rid the land of individuals they believe are heretics.

Because you can’t modify your faction once you’ve picked it, make sure you pick the same one as your friends—unless you want to fight them. There are four enemy NPC factions in total:

The Corrupted: Infected by Aeternum’s taint, this faction aims to expand its power by seizing faction forts.

Ancient Culture: A civilisation that harnessed the power of Azoth.

The Lost: These ghouls are trapped between life and death, doomed to immortality without a soul.

The Angry Earth: Aeternum’s nature, which imitates humans and animals in order to combat what it perceives as an illness on the island.

How do Companies, Forts, and Settlements work?

If you want to really get involved in New World’s social side, you can found or join a company. Companies are 100-player groups—“New World’s” guilds, basically—which can take over and govern territories. These companies are affiliated with one of the game’s three factions, and inherit the faction of their Governer (the person who created the company).

The island environment of “New World” is separated into territories, which can be further divided into villages, which serve as player centres for crafting, quests, inns, and housing purchases, among other things. Each area has a fort, however if a business claims it, it is under their authority as well as the control of their parent group. Another corporation can conquer this fort, but they must first declare war after undermining the firm’s dominance in that territory.

It seems complicated, but it’s just a mechanism that prevents you from stealing forts from each other without first fulfilling the prerequisites for declaring war. A Governor can set the tax rate, which influences how much certain acts in the territory cost, and then use the money to fund public projects, enhance the settlement and fort, or simply keep it for themselves—though your territory’s players may not be impressed. Consuls might also be deputized by the Governor to assist them with management.

Can you buy a house?

Yep. You can buy a house in a town at level 20 and use it as a respawn or fast travel site. It won’t be in a unique plot—many players will be able to ‘possess’ a house on the same piece of land—but once inside, they’ll see their own personal version of the interior, which will be fully customisable with decorations and furniture (some of which can provide you with buffs out in the world). You can invite up to four players to hang out in your residence.

A firm might employ you to assist defend a fort against invading monsters, in addition to defending a fort from attacking players. If PvP isn’t your style, you can still join one of the monster invasion defenses and take part in large sieges.

How do leveling and combat work?

While combat in “New World” necessitates more than simply tactical skill—your strikes must connect with hit boxes, and dodge and block timing must be mastered—you level up in the same way that you would in a conventional MMO. You’ll be able to add points to a few basic traits as you progress through the game. Strength increases melee weapon damage, while agility increases ranged weapon damage—all it’s usual stuff.

You’ll develop proficiency with different weapon kinds as you use them, regardless of your level. The mastery tree unlocks more active and passive swordfighting skills the more you use, say, a sword. Active skills are special attacks with extended cooldowns, such as a whirling assault that hits numerous adversaries. You could master every weapon type if you really wanted to.

There are other weapons to choose from as well. Swords, hatchets, spears, warhammers, arrows, rapiers, huge axes, and even muskets can be found in the “New World”. Magic weapons include the fire and life staffs, as well as the ice gauntlets. At any point, you can have two weapon sets ready to go, and you can rapidly swap between them by pressing 1 and 2.

Armoring, arcana, cooking, engineering, furnishing, jewelcrafting, and weaponsmithing are seven crafting talents that allow you to mix resources to make garments, weaponry, consumables, and even furniture for your home. To produce high-tier items and harvest rarer materials from the island’s most perilous areas, you’ll also require high-tier crafting stations.

Is there magic in “New World”?

Yes, but in the “New World”, magic is related to the usage of various weapons. There are now two types of staffs: life staffs (which are useful for healing and protection) and fire staffs (which are useful for both healing and protection) (which are good for fire). Each has its own skill tree, allowing you to specialize in a certain sort of offensive or support magic. There are also ice gauntlets, which, as the name implies, allow you to employ ice-based magic.

Creatort Program for “New World” video game

Amazon is accepting applications for its “New World” Creator Program, which is open to all types of content makers. Members who are accepted will receive incentives such as early access to content, exclusive events, giveaway vouchers, and other perks.