A “New World” Development Update Addresses Player Discord and Teases Storyline to Come

Several improvements to Amazon Games’ massively multiplayer online role-playing game, New World, were recently outlined in a development update. The groundbreaking MMORPG, which debuted in September 2021, allows large groups of players to explore and colonize the imaginary continent of Aeternum Island. While “New World” had the most concurrent players on Steam during its debut weekend, the game’s popularity has since dwindled due to a lack of updates.

New World was hailed as a genuinely deep and in-depth online multiplayer experience before and immediately after its release. While the game’s MMORPG rules allow a large group of players to play on the same server, the Amazon Games project stood out thanks to unique dynamics including real-time combat and a simulated economy. Players in “New World” engage in fast-paced conflicts with a variety of weaponry and tactics, while the economic system allows each server to experience realistic inflation and deflation. “New World’s” player count dropped after debut due to repeated bugs, missing features, and a lack of a content pipeline, and it has never fully recovered.

Amazon Games has released a lengthy developer update on YouTube that details the changes coming to “New World” in February 2022. Several elements that irritated players, such as the high cost of rapid transit, will be changed to be more player-friendly. Movement and battle will be smoother, and the realistic economics of the “New World” will be highlighted by the creation of additional coins. The developer also teases the New World story’s next arc, which will see new antagonists emerge alongside familiar friends and foes. The following is the whole “New World” February 2022 developer update:

While the February 2022 update appears to address many of “New World’s” most pressing concerns, difficulty played a significant role in driving players away from the fantasy epic. In December 2021, a petition for a “New World” dev stream was started by users who wanted to witness devs handle the game’s severe endgame material. While endgame material is supposed to test high-level players, many gamers complained that “New World” was too difficult for those who had completed the MMORPG’s main experience. Endgame difficulty should be considerably more bearable now that player friction is being lowered in many ways.

“New World” was a huge hit when it first came out, but the online fantasy adventure’s popularity quickly dwindled due to a variety of challenges. However, upcoming Amazon Games updates are expected to address many of the game’s flaws, resulting in a much more pleasurable MMORPG experience. The February 2022 update is expected to be large, but only time will tell if New World can reclaim its old player population.