Crafting Guide For The “New World” Game

In Amazon’s MMO “New World”, crafting is a big aspect of the game. There are a total of 17 crafting talents, spanning from logging and mining to weaponsmithing and jewelcrafting. While it is possible to swiftly construct vast amounts of things, obtaining the requisite resources can take a long time. You’ll need to hack away at a tree with your axe to bring it down. You’ll have to watch a long skinning animation to skin an animal. Simply having better gathering tools can make the entire process faster and easier. It may not seem like much, but having better tools makes farming runs for essential materials much easier. As you move through the universe of Aeternum, here’s how to equip yourself with increasingly better tools.

Gather better metals to make better tools

You essentially only need to find better and better types of metal to make better gathering tools. The recipe for each tool remains the same, with the exception of the ingot type being replaced with a higher-quality resource. Two coarse leather, three lumber, and 12 iron ingots, for example, are required for an iron logging axe. When making a steel logging axe, you’ll still need leather and wood, but instead of iron, you’ll need steel ingots. Harvesting speeds are considerably increased when you use better tools.

The iron logging axe has a 125 percent faster gathering speed, while the steel logging axe has a 250 percent faster-gathering speed. Make every effort to improve your mining and smelting skills so that you can collect rarer metals and turn them into ingots.

Keep your engineering level up to date

You’ll need to improve your engineering abilities to make higher-level tools. There are no engineering level requirements for iron tools, but starting with steel tools, you’ll need an engineering level of 50 to build better tools, and the skill level need continues to rise as better varieties of metal are discovered. Take advantage of any opportunity to make lower-level goods to keep your skill level up. It’s worth noting that you don’t need a lot of engineering knowledge to use the tools; all you need is the ability to make them yourself.

Invest on perks for your tools to get better results

When building your new set of hardware, consider adding perks and Azoth for even greater results. While creating, special resources and Azoth can be employed to offer valuable bonus bonuses such as greater durability, more resources collected, or faster gathering speeds. Steel, for example, is a tool that you’ll likely use for a long time, so it’s well worth paying a few extra resources to get some valuable advantages.

Don’t feel like making something? Hire Someone Else To Provide You With The Tools

It’s always wonderful to make your own tools, but it’s not necessary. If you have a friend who is an engineer with a higher degree of skill, they can simply make you a new set of tools. If that isn’t an option, you can buy the tools from other players via the game’s trading post, like you can with many other items in New World (auction house). However, depending on the type of instrument you need and when you need it, it could be costly. Make the necessary adjustments to your wallet.