“Horizon Forbidden West”: When Will It Be Released And How Big Will It Be?

“Horizon Forbidden West”, the much-anticipated sequel, will be released on February 18 for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. With strong early reviews, including one from GameSpot, here’s how you can get your hands on “Horizon Forbidden West” as soon as it hits your region.

When will “Horizon Forbidden West” be released?

“Horizon Forbidden West” will be released on February 18th at 12 a.m. in your local timezone. Because of the release schedule, players in some time zones will be able to play the game before others, so be wary of spoilers on social media once the new Horizon game is released.

Pre-Load for “Horizon Forbidden West”

Horizon Forbidden West allows preloading on both PS4 and PS5 with one exception. From now until the game’s release, players can pre-load the game by pre-ordering it on the PlayStation Store. You’ll get a few pre-order goodies if you pre-order either version of the game, including the Nora Legacy outfit and the Nora Legacy spear.

Players who purchase the PS4 version of the game with the aim of upgrading to the PS5 version are the only ones who will not be able to preload it. While this approach can save gamers $10 on the game, they will only be able to preload the PS4 edition, which they will not be able to transfer to the PS5 once “Horizon Forbidden West” is released.

File Size: “Horizon Forbidden West”

Players who wish to play “Horizon Forbidden West” when it launches should take advantage of the pre-load period, as the game’s file size appears to be quite large. “Horizon Forbidden West” will be roughly 90 GB on the PS5, according to the latest from PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, with minor variances according to your area.

  • PS5 US Region: 87.608 GB
  • PS5 EU Region: 98.074 GB
  • PS5 JP Region: 83.797 GB

While the account hasn’t revealed the PS4 version’s region-by-region breakdown, a comparison suggests it’ll be slightly smaller than the PS5 version, with the PS4 EU edition clocking in at 90.243 GB, roughly 8 GB less than the PS5 version.