The “Horizon Forbidden West” Trophy Will Aid in the Restoration of Natural Forests

“Horizon Forbidden West” users can receive an in-game medal for helping to restore forests with a new Play and Plant program. The planned sequel to Guerrilla Games’ 2017 hit Horizon Zero Dawn will transport players to a lush post-apocalyptic environment populated by animalistic machines. “Horizon Forbidden West”, like its predecessor, features magnificent environments, with the additional hardware only adding to the game’s immersive beauty.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist Aloy embarked on a trip across post-apocalyptic America, and Forbidden West will take her to a completely different section of the country. Although humanity was wiped out by the series’ world-ending cataclysm, nature has grown to retake the old world as bestial robots cultivate the globe for a new generation of people. The first game’s unique gameplay will return in the sequel, with players traveling a vast open environment in search of valuable machine parts. As new and familiar foes arise to test Aloy and her allies, new weapons and abilities will aid her in her adventure. The Horizon Forbidden West prize list gives a taste of the sequel’s diverse content, but one trophy, in particular, will have a real-world impact.

A new Play and Plant program will be held using Horizon Forbidden West trophies, according to PlayStation and IGN. Every gamer who earns the game’s “Reach the Daunt” trophy will be rewarded with a tree, thanks to a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Unlocking the trophy helps reforest Wisconsin’s Douglas County Forest, California’s Sheep Fire Private Lands, and Florida’s Torreya State Park, which is done automatically pretty early in the game’s tale. The campaign will finish on March 25, or when all three sites have been fully repopulated with trees, whichever comes first.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a hugely successful PlayStation-exclusive videogame, and Forbidden West appears to be even better. “Horizon Forbidden West” has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews, with acclaim for the game’s fascinating open environment, intriguing characters, and thrilling combat system. While the game is said to keep the same elements that made the first so popular, it also appears to innovate by adding new tools and enemy machines. “Horizon Forbidden West” can also help reconstruct a real-life forest, giving gamers even another reason to play Aloy’s latest quest.

Play and Plant, a Sony effort, allowing gamers to contribute to the real world while engrossed in a fictional one. The application contributes to the beautiful world of “Horizon Forbidden West” by re-creating the real-life environment that inspired it. “Horizon Forbidden West’s” Play and Plant campaign will continue until March 25 for gamers who want to aid the environment.