The Player Of “Horizon Forbidden West “Discovers A Map Hole Concealed Amid The Mountains

It turns out that some parts of the Forbidden West should be avoided at all costs.

A “Horizon Forbidden West” player has discovered a secret corridor that brings Aloy beneath the terrain when explored.

One player has discovered an actual hole in the earth, and has sent Aloy through an empty region of the world with her glider, according to the dedicated Horizon subreddit(opens in new tab). This player had to discover a certain access point to enter the cave-like structure, which appeared to be in the Hunting Grounds: The Raintrace section of the game.

They were met by broken rock formations once inside, which finally led to a massive hole in the earth. Aloy glides around in the vast open space after jumping over the edge of the planet, and directly above her head is the whole Horizon Forbidden West area, offering gamers a unique perspective on the robots trundling above.

As noted out in the Reddit comments, this is the best place to try for the ‘Completed a Long Glide’ award, which requires players to glide for 60 seconds without stopping. Let’s hope Aloy isn’t terrified of the never-ending descent under her feet.

This massive void in the environment was definitely not intended to make it into the finished game or be found by players, thus Guerrilla Games, the creators of “Horizon Forbidden West”, may be able to patch it up shortly. The company is presently focusing on any player-reported concerns in the game, having just released the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.09 update, which addressed a number of glitches.