The Latest Patch for “Horizon Forbidden West” Puts a Halt To Aloy’s “Celebratory Loot Raves”

Bugged bathrooms and jubilant loot raves are no longer a reality in “Horizon Forbidden West” release 1.12.

“Horizon Forbidden West’s” latest patch is now available. Patch 1.12 mostly addresses issues like quests not completing or objectives not updating, but it also addresses two particularly amusing anomalies that players have noticed during Aloy’s most recent adventure.

The first is for “a problem at the Base where players may become trapped in the restroom.” Some players may be unaware that there is a bathroom in the base, but if you do, you can now enter with confidence, knowing that you will be able to exit without difficulty. Phew!

Aloy’s ‘celebratory loot raves’ are put to an end with the second notable update. Aloy may become overly eager when acquiring loot, according to the patch notes. While looting an item, a glitch might force the huntress to ‘severely bounce for up to 10 seconds.’ “The joyful loot celebrations are finished, but their memory lives on,” Guerilla explains. There has to be a happy medium here, and Guerrilla could let Aloy have her joyous raving just when she finds the best loot in Horizon Forbidden West.

There are also several changes for Aloy’s animations, upgrades and corrections for the game’s audio and lighting, and a slew of additional tweaks, all of which can be found in the patch notes.

Guerilla has also stated that there are issues that it is aware of and is working on that are not addressed in this patch. Furthermore, the team is always working to solve the simmering issue that has plagued gamers since the game’s launch.