The First Update to “Forbidden West” Fixes four Main Quests as Well as Bugs and Crashes

“Horizon Forbidden West” has received its first update, less than a week after its debut, to fix a number of bugs and crashes. Guerilla Games’ highly anticipated successor to Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West, was released just a few days ago and has already garnered a lot of great feedback from fans. Players take control of protagonist Aloy again six months after the events of Zero Dawn, as she continues her hunt for a means to save the world from extinction.

“Forbidden West”, like many RPGs, allows players to explore an open world filled with danger and intrigue. Players can either complete the main objectives or deviate from them to explore side quests and activities that add to the game’s lore. NPC interactions provide information about other characters or enemy encounters, while merchants can be contacted to buy new things, clothing, weapons, and upgrades. In “Forbidden West”, Aloy faces new foes, many of whom take advantage of the PS5’s new features. Unfortunately, all of these parts of a game are prone to bugs and glitches, which can pose issues for players attempting to finish a task.

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerilla Games has released patch 1.05 to fix several of the game’s bugs, crashes, and glitches. While the overall response has been positive, some players have encountered bugs that have hampered their progress in a number of the primary objectives. Reloading a save file after completing a mission could lead Aloy to fall out of the game world during some select quests, and skipping the cinematic could cause Aloy to fall out of the game world in one case. These difficulties, as well as graphics issues, shaky animations, and NPC glitches, have been fixed in this release. The whole patch notes are available in the tweet below.

“Horizon Forbidden West” was only recently released, so it’s encouraging to see how quickly the creators are correcting these issues. While not everyone has had technical troubles with the new game’s debut, some players have reported aesthetic flaws in particular. These include a shimmering effect on-screen, which some players have discovered may be mitigated by adjusting their TVs and monitors rather than the game’s settings. This is one of many bugs that Guerrilla is still working on, with a new patch on the way.

A lot of effort has gone into this game, and the dedication of the Guerilla Games crew to maintaining and enhancing “Forbidden West” bodes well for the game’s future. Horizon Zero Dawn released a DLC addition in the shape of The Frozen Wilds, which expanded on the world’s lore, implying that Forbidden West would receive DLC as well. Guerrilla’s major priority right now is probably bug fixing.