Players In The “Forbidden West” Were Disappointed When They Discovered Cut Content.

Players of “Forbidden West” are dissatisfied that the task depicted in the State Of Play video was eventually cut from the final release.

“Horizon Forbidden West” has been out for a few weeks, and several players have noticed that a scene from the game’s pre-launch teasers was left out of the final version. Former pariah Aloy is charged with navigating the treacherous environment of the titular “Forbidden West” to repair Horizon’s terraforming AI, GAIA, and save the planet from a catastrophic plague known as the Blight in “Horizon Forbidden West” . Along the trip, she meets up with old friends, makes new adversaries, and learns new skills like the hard-light glider and grappling hook-like Pullcaster from Horizon Forbidden West .

“Horizon Forbidden West” expands on the open-world, robot-hunting action that made “Horizon”: Zero Dawn an unexpected blockbuster on the PlayStation 4 in 2017. Aloy may now swim underwater and ride flying devices like “Horizon Forbidden West’s” new Sunwing, in addition to the improved visuals and emersion given by the PS5 DualSense controller’s haptic feedback. During last May’s PlayStation State Of Play livestream event, some of these new gameplay capabilities were shown in a visually striking “Horizon Forbidden West” teaser. Aloy needs to aid her recurrent buddy Erend survive a confrontation with a gigantic Tremortusk during this small slice of plot and gameplay footage.

Some Reddit users have discovered that, while the “Horizon Forbidden West” State Of Play trailer was a stunning presentation of the then-unreleased PlayStation exclusive, the particular mission seen in it is totally removed from the completed game, as reported by In a recent post, Jmcc84 stated that they would have preferred to meet up with Erend during the Tremortusk encounter rather than the way he appears in the published version of “Horizon Forbidden West” . Other users speculated that this adventure was most likely a “vertical slice” that was never meant to be published in “Horizon Forbidden West” , but rather served as a way for Guerilla Games to show off the game’s aesthetics and new features without ruining the storyline. Even more people have pointed out that “Horizon”: Zero Dawn accomplished something similar with an interaction between Aloy and a Thunderjaw that didn’t happen in the 2017 film.

Despite this omission of a trailer, “Horizon Forbidden West” has received mainly excellent reviews from fans and reviewers, owing to its several improvements over “Horizon”: Zero Dawn. Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with Aloy’s current trip, claiming that melee combat is still clunky and that “Horizon Forbidden West” contains too much side stuff at times. Despite Aloy encountering several narrative options on her adventure, many who have played “Horizon Forbidden West” have lauded the game for its superbly depicted post-apocalyptic open-world – even if others are upset that “Horizon Forbidden West” only has one conclusion.

Some gamers may have been excited to play through Aloy’s rescue of Erend, as seen in “Horizon Forbidden West’s” PlayStation State Of Play teaser from May 2021, however this event is handled differently in the completed game. Regardless, “Horizon Forbidden West” is one of Sony’s first major releases in 2022, and fans are loving it.