In Three Shots, A “Horizon Forbidden West” Player Scrapes Apex Thunderjaw

The Apex Thunderjaw in “Horizon Forbidden West” is a fearsome mechanical monster, but one player has managed to melt the tin T-rex in under 30 seconds.

Aloy can decimate a deadly Apex Thunderjaw with only three arrows thanks to a brilliant “Horizon Forbidden West” setup. Players can once again explore a post-apocalyptic America filled by animalistic machines and diverse human tribes in Guerrilla Games’ freshly released sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite the addition of new weaponry in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy’s most potent weapon appears to remain her sharp wits and trusty bow.

“Horizon Forbidden West” follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, with Aloy pursuing numerous mechanical monsters on her quest to preserve the world. Many of the legendary robots from the original game return in the sequel, including the flying Stormbird and the terrifying Thunderjaw, as well as new threats like the Slitherfang and Tremortusk. “Horizon Forbidden West” equips Aloy with new weapons like as the Shieldwing glider and the Pullcaster grappling hook to assist her combat these new dangers. To compliment classic favorites like the Ropecaster and Hunter Bow, new weapons such as Spike Throwers and Shredder Gauntlets are introduced. “Horizon Forbidden West” weaponry and ammo types that are fit for the situation can provide players an advantage in combat.

Reddit user Niklaus15 demonstrated complete mastery of “Horizon Forbidden West” by destroying an Apex Thunderjaw with just three arrows. The mechanical monster is a more dangerous version of the dinosaur-inspired machine that first appeared in Horizon Zero Dawn, with more health and more lethal weapons. While most players find the Apex Thunderjaw to be a challenging encounter, Niklaus15’s stealth build dispatches the hunter-killer in under 30 seconds. The build equips Aloy with a Forgefall bow and Thunderwarrior Nora armor, as well as a slew of stealth perks and upgrades, and Niklaus15’s ability to attack the tin T-weak rex’s spots while hidden adds to the damage delivered during the surprisingly brief hunt.

While Niklaus15’s Apex Thunderjaw kill exemplifies Aloy’s might, a “Horizon Forbidden West” Tallneck death exemplifies the heroic hunter’s clumsiness. In Guerrilla Games’ distinctive sci-fi series, Tallnecks are enormous mechanical giraffes that act as mobile satellite dishes. Climbing Tallnecks to expose new areas of the landscape is a key component in both Horizon Zero Dawn and “Forbidden West”, with the machine’s calm nature making it more of a puzzle than a conflict. However, as one player realized after falling from a Tallneck and seeing Aloy carelessly crushed beneath its artificial foot, the machines are nonetheless lethal.

“Horizon Forbidden West’s” machines can be intimidating, but by improving Aloy’s abilities and gear, she can become an even more formidable opponent. Niklaus15’s stealth build, combined with their understanding of where to shoot for maximum damage, took down an Apex Thunderjaw in under 30 seconds. While other players are unlikely to accomplish such high damage levels, the video shows how versatile “Horizon Forbidden West’s” role-play features are.